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Peachtree Road Race Training - BiggerEffort - 01-06-2017

Hi there - I am training for my first Peachtree Road Race this July 4th and was looking for a little help with your sub 45m 10 training program.

I'm looking at your sub 45 10k training program and would like your help to incorporate the 19 day plan into the 32 days remaining until the Peachtree. What do you suggest for the preceding 13 day period? I’ve included my background below.

My background:
I have an endurance background in cycling (Cat II, 55 min 40k). I have also ran a fair amount. Former 5k best was 18:40 and Half Marathon 1:34:39. History is back to 1997. Recent running again since Jan 2017. Best 5k is 21:12, Recent 10k in training over 420' elevation change was 47:48. My training consists of tempo runs mostly but only about 4-7 (3-8 miles) runs per month. I have also played tennis during this, with mileage of about 6-10 miles per week.

I have access to Stone Mountain runs, which is 1000 ft change in one mile.

Technology: Currently use Garmin Fenix 3 HR with HRM Run belt. HR training over 2 decades.

Thanks guys.

Peachtree Road Race Training - BiggerEffort - 02-06-2017

So thanks a bunch for all the help.

Peachtree Road Race Training - TheEd - 05-06-2017

welcome BiggerEffort

have you a recent time we can work with? if not, then can you pop a 4k time-trial in today

and from those results we can get going. so Thrusday can be earmarked for a 2k session

we will go through 2 weeks of the cycle then switch to preparing for the specific event

hope this meets your requirements

ps.. weekends are sometimes slower on the forums