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10k training - Gfd1986 - 16-03-2018


I have a 10k in around 12 weeks time and looking for some sort of structure to my training. My 5k time is around the 27 minute mark and think I can improve on this with some proper training and improve my running in general. Where should I start?

10k training - TheEd - 20-03-2018

firstly, welcome to the forums

when did you last run the 5k time?

we would need a time from the last 4 weeks to work with, or you can do a 4k time-trial and report back

over to you


10k training - Gfd1986 - 20-03-2018

Hi TheEd,

That time was from a couple of months ago. My latest 5k time was on Saturdays parkrun which was 29.24 mins and that was without really pushing myself, I’m just recovering from a foot injury.

I started running about a year ago and haven’t really had any programme or plan to my running, I just run to lose weight and improve my fitness. Now I’m really looking to kick on and get my times down.


10k training - TheEd - 20-03-2018

OK .. on which program would you like to start

ideally, if you feel you want to run a quicker 4k time-trial then do so Thursday, and then post time back here and we can get things rolling

or answer this saying which program you would like to proceed with


10k training - TheEd - 21-03-2018

Hi Gfd, in retrospect

consider starting with the sub 60 minute 10k program

do the 2k session on Thursday, if necessary, take longer Rest between each 2k



10k training - Gfd1986 - 21-03-2018

HI TheEd

Will do and I’ll report back how it goes.



10k training - TheEd - 22-03-2018

you may also be interested in reading this thread to view their development, also consider asking the user a few questions about what they went through to achieve their results

the thread:

all the best