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Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 09-08-2018

Hi theEd! so i made a recent 5k time trial. It was similar to the last one i had in the previous cycle. Here are the splits:

1st km : 3:28mins

Found it extremely hard to maintain the pace. Wew! Tired and found myself lying on the ground after this!!

Just finished today's 1hr easy (went off pace , was extremely tired. Was sweating bullets starting minute 20. Probably because of the heat). Average pace was at 4:45min/km. So i did only 12.6km this day.

The strength routine youve told me to start with i use every 2nd day since day 8. Theyre great. Theyre easy on my body; they dont make my muscles sore. I dont feel that they negatively affect my runs. I'd like to incorporate a tougher strength routine though.

Any advice?

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 10-08-2018

Hi Mitchel, try to start slower in your time-trials and events, you could afford to go out at 3:40 and then maintain a pace around 3:45 and then look to accelerate over the last 1km

however, if it is hot, you are going to struggle as your core temp heats up

make sure to drink plenty of water during the day

good luck

ps.. on your hour easy runs, look to run a round 5 minutes per k if it is hot

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 10-08-2018

Alright will hydrate from now. I totally dont hydrate during runs (for all types of runs) as it gets me bloated most of the time.

Are you sure i can run 5min/km without hurting the quality of sessions? Would that still improve my aerobic endurance as efficiently as running my usual 4:30min/km easy pace?

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 10-08-2018

Hi Mitchel ..

consider this rule of thumb used regarding to pace

take current 10k time .. so if 4 minutes per k .. for runs up to 1hr add 1 minute to get 5 minutes per k

for longer runs 75 to 90 minutes and longer .. add 75 to 90 seconds to current 10k pace

in our programs .. the main focus is from Day 3 to Day 8 .. get those days right and then thereafter, get the body feeling good while recovering and training towards your race day

learning pace judgement is important, and it is advisable to develop pace judgement during training .. read this article for some assistance in achieving this - Race your Best 10km

the sessions and everything is towards achieving goals during the races

will add more as we progress

ps.. we can talk about further strength training along the way

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 11-08-2018

Yeah but my pace right now,since im at sub35, is 3:40min/km for 10k.
My easy runs i run in that way. 4:35ish is my usual target for every km. Yesterday i finished 7k for my 30min easy with all km's falling under that pace.
My 3 x 1600m went well, here are the splits:

1st 1600m : 5:30mins (3:26min/km)
5:25 (3:23m/km)
5:29 (3:25m/km)

I ran this intevals at 30degrees celcius+ btw. Making it harder than it already is. Very difficult to maintain the pace. Pushed hard every 1600m interval

I have an upcoming race on october sir. Should I take the break and off-period after this cycle? (Currently at day 15) Please let me know!

Ok will do wait for more info about strength training. It's something i look forward to since it is quite different from my usual running sessions.

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 31-08-2018

Hi Mitchel, did you go on the off training period?


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 02-09-2018

Hi theEd,

No i did not go on the off period. I decided to continue training . Im currently on the third cycle of sub35 (day 15).

Yesterday's 3 x1600m went well. I felt like i had it more under control than the previous '3x1600m'. All on pace.
For easy runs, Easy paces i decided to keep it at or below 4:32m/km. Right now, im trying to push harder and keep my pacing consistent. Im trying to keep my body well rested also as the training seems to get harder and harder each day (foam roll, stretches and sleep). The mileage and the speedwork im consistently doing still, and the light strength training routine i also do in a consistent basis (every 2 days). In my mind, my target is to break 35 on the 5th cycle.

Do let me know what i can do more for further improvements!!

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 06-09-2018

Hi Mitchel, the biggest session for development is sadly the 5 x 2000m session

so if possible, get a training partner for that session, even if they only run every 2nd 2k with you

onwards TheEd

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 07-09-2018

The last '5x2000m' i did was on august 21st (day 3 of this current cycle im in). Here are the splits:

1st 2000m: 7:11mins (3:35min/km)
7:28mins (3:44min/km)

The paces are very similar to the 5x2000m session i did on july 30 (which i posted in this thread; post #67). Im having difficulty in maintaining the pace for a long period of time. I think it is possible but it's very hard. Will try harder the next cycle (im on day 20 now which is recovery day).

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 07-09-2018

Hi Mitchel, regarding the 2000m session

rather start off the first 2k in 7:28 and then work from that as your starting point

ease through the first 2 x 2k and then look to go faster on the last lap of each, so you always finish stronger

you have to train yourself to do this, as this will lead to better pace judgement followed by better results

try your utmost to achieve this