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Training advice. - paulosimoes78 - 06-04-2018

Hi Ed, thank you for the warm welcome. Regarding the 35 mint 10k plan, I'd like to know your view and advice. Could the 400s begin changed for 12,16x?and the 1k reps being changed for 10x1k?rest times remaining the last question,reaching those speeds is not a problem for me. The problem is maintain that speed for the all race. I only manage for abaut 15 mint. Its a lack of endurance or a lactic acid problem? I'd love to know your advice and opinion.probably will be more fellow runners out there with the same issue as me. Thank you so much.

Training advice. - TheEd - 07-04-2018

Hi paulo and glad to have you on the forums.

In reply to your questions.

5 x 2k = 10k pace session

6 x 1k = 5k pace session

10 x 400m = 3k pace session

doing the 2k session will develop your 'speed endurance' it is possibly the most important session of the program

you have an opportunity to provide feedback here, so we can guide you through the process of achieving your goals

what are your PB's and what shape are you in currently

what distance are you up to in your long run

do you use a heart rate monitor

over to you


Training advice. - paulosimoes78 - 07-04-2018

Hi Ed thanks for such a quick answer, I see it's a very busy forum and must take a lot from your time, I feel kind of a privilege of having advice and guidance from you.i train everyday, one day rest a week. Medium steady runs from 50 mint to 1h10.long run once a week, if building for half marathon, goes from 1h20 built up till 2h.vo2max I donne 16x400 rest 1mint,range 80/85 sec.and start at 6x1k,built untill 10x1k,rest 1 mint.starting at 3.45 progress untill 3.35.pbs,5k 18. 12/10k 37.52. Half Marathon 1h18.matter to say I really suffered the last 3k,had no gears left and not was able to kick the last 400,all runners know what I mean. .for my training I use a gps running watch model garmin 205.sorry for such big text but I just tried to provide you with the most information I can so you can have and idea and tell me what you think I was doing wrong. Don't use heart monitor and not a big fan of doing races all the time. Like to have a plan and work to be in shape for that especial race. Thanks for your time Ed.can provide my schedule worth, 1 month training but it takes a lot of space and will be a big mail, lol.

Training advice. - TheEd - 09-04-2018

Great stuff paulo, are you able to do a 4k time-trial, then we can set the various paces for the 2k and 1k sessions and start you training in the right direction

so over to you, lets get it going


Training advice. - paulosimoes78 - 14-04-2018

Hi Ed. Not sure if it's relevant but instead doing a 4km trial I done I 5 k race. It's an event we call in the UK, park run, every Saturday in the morning that's loads of this events across the country. Felt pretty good, tried maintaining same pace, never tried change pace.road surface. End up with 18.24.first k in 3.38.feeling a bit tired, not exhausted believing I could still run much more at that pace.not sure if it's OK

Training advice. - TheEd - 15-04-2018

OK .. you have a marker .. 5k = 18:24

start your 2k session as follows: 5 x 2k @ 3.45 to 3.50 per k

your 6 x 1k session is normally 10 secs per k quicker = 3.35 to 3.40 per k

the most important aspect is the Rest .. 60 secs for the 1k and 90 secs for the 2k

we recommend Day 1 being Tuesday .. so do light runs before starting on Tuesday

Thursday Day 3 .. please provide feedback after the 2k session .. try monitor your heart rate for the end of the 2k and how the HR drops during the 90 seconds Rest

hope this helps


Training advice. - TheEd - 19-06-2018

how is your progression on the program working out?