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Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - Boony - 29-05-2018

[URL=""]Day 12 - 2nd 3 Week Cycle - 5K Paced Run

Ran 12.5 laps of a grass track- This came out at 5.31KM in 25.07 @ 4.44min/km - 169bpm

The 5K (as per my Garmin) was 23:44 @ 4.45min/km[/URL]

Day 13 - Rest - Went to the coast for a family day out - so did plenty of walking

Day 14 - 10K easy Run - 10.28KM - 1.00.49 @ 5.55min/km - 141bpm

Will be getting out later for an easy 30mins



Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - TheEd - 29-05-2018

really coming along quite nicely Nick

keep it simple


Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - Boony - 30-05-2018

Yep, I like simple!

[URL=""]3x5min this morning

1. 1.04km 4.46min/km 145
2. 1.03km 4.50min/km 159
3. 1.04km 4.46min/km 163[/URL]

A couple of easy 30mins tomorrow and friday - and then a 1/4 marathon race on Sunday.


Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - Boony - 31-05-2018

[URL=""]Very easy 30mins this morning - have a slightly tight calf that I wanted to stretch and keep moving. min jogging, min walking x 15

3.74KM - 7.53min/km - 113bpm[/URL]

Probably do the same tomorrow to tick over before the race on Sunday.

I know I'm doing this for fun, but I do like to look at my Fitness/Fatigue/Form charts (I'm an accountant - so I love a chart/stat/ratio/number) - it's great to see how the 3 week cycles work in that regards - the two times that the form line has peaked so far has been the Saturday before my first race, and it will also peak this Saturday before my next race. I can also see how beneficial the 30 min easy runs are to everything.

Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - Boony - 01-06-2018

Another very easy 30min - 3.77km @ 7.55km 113bpm

For the race on Sunday I'm going to aim at running 4.55-5.00/km - main focus on running a solid race after the 5K mark and getting used to feeling good in the second half of the race, hopefully this pace will allow me to do this.

Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - Boony - 04-06-2018

Race didn't go well.

I popped a calf at the half way point (the one that had been sore) - It had felt fine, no tightness at all - the race went onto bumpy rock hard farm field tracks and it went whilst running through that.

Here are the splits up to when I stopped - lungs and legs (calf aside) felt fine - TheEd, would you say that HR is slightly high though?

[URL=""]1KM - 4.40 - 149bpm
2KM - 5.02 - 162bpm
3KM - 5.04 - 167bpm
4KM - 5.01 - 172bpm
5KM - 5.08 - 175bpm
Anyway - its going to be one of those that I need to let heal before I run on it again, otherwise I'll just keep popping it.

Any advice appreciated, but will look to RICE for a few days, and then either see a physio or start some stretching/massage.



Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - TheEd - 07-06-2018

Nick, how are things going?

have you made progress with the 'pop' you had?

what is your max heart rate? HR is often an individual thing, if you have a high max and a low resting pulse then it is often something good

ps.. apologies for late reply

Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - Boony - 08-06-2018

Hi TheEd, no worries, thanks for getting back to me.

I haven't got out running since, but it feels much better, I think I'll start some massage and TP to help release the tightness I have.

I'll start getting out again next Monday, probably just start by doing a week of 30min easy runs to see how it goes.

Not sure on my max heart rate - never measured it properly.

Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - TheEd - 08-06-2018

you may have come back too quickly

so when feeling good again, remember to back off before getting too keen

recover well


Getting Back Into It - 10K Training - Boony - 11-06-2018

In hindsight I ran the 5K paced run too quickly - should of settled for a nice 4.55-5.00 rather than running it that little bit quicker. Oh well - live and learn.

Ran an easy 30mins this morning - and the tightness and soreness has come back. So booked in to see a physio tomorrow.