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45 min 10k Training Program - psycho - 20-05-2010

Hello there,

I have been looking into this program for a few weeks, and followed some others user's posts and their experiences as they progress.

I have been running without a schedule for over 10 years, and in the last years I've taken part in popular races between 5k and Half Marathon. I have been training for the last 2 months according to a half marathon program that should come to an end by the end of this month.

I am considering following the 45min program, as in this period I have taken part in 2 10K achieving a 49 and 47 min mark, and last week 21:24 in a 5k race.

I would like to know, as the half marathon in which I plan to participate would be on the 29th or 30th May, how much time of rest would be appropiate and if my goal for the 10k should be under 45 min.

Thanks in advance.

45 min 10k Training Program - TheEd - 21-05-2010

Hi psycho and welcome

are you looking to run the 21km next week and then to go on to the sub 45 minute 10km program after?

please tell me if I have this right?


45 min 10k Training Program - psycho - 22-05-2010

Hi Ed and thx for the reply.

Yes, I plan to race this month my last half marathon for a while and try to perform during some time in shorter distances between 5 and 10km.

The 21k race would be May 30th. I plan to take some time off to rest after, and I was thinking about a week off or maybe just some recovery jogs.

After that (around June 7th or 8th) get back to work and start with the 45m plan, and for the time being, stick to 10k races for the remaining of the year.

Do these dates sound ok to you or would I need some more time off ?

Thanks once again !

45 min 10k Training Program - TheEd - 23-05-2010

this should be fine, we can also chat after the 21km to see how things are with you



45 min 10k Training Program - psycho - 31-05-2010

Hello again Ed,

just posting some feedback of my half marathon:

I managed a 1:47:13 mark which I am very proud of. I kept an average pace of 5 min/km all throughout 20 km, in spite of some challenging slopes. At the 10k mark I was steady at 50 min, and I arrived at the 20k mark in 1:40:38.

Then I absolutely died and needed almost 7 minutes for the final 1097 meters. :duh:

I will take a break for a few days. I do have some strains in my knees and lower leg muscles, so I will take it very easy for the next few days. Might do some light recovery jogs once the pains disappear.

Please let me know when you think I will be ready to start the 10k program, or maybe you need me to do the 4k time trial, or some other information. I do have a pulsometer and GPS which hopefully will come in handy.

Thanks in advance !

45 min 10k Training Program - TheEd - 31-05-2010

Hi psycho .. good to hear it was a success even if the last km felt fatal Big Grin

make sure to recover completely before stepping up to the 10km training schedule

there will be no need to do the 4km t-trial as the 21 km feedback will be suffice to work with



45 min 10k Training Program - psycho - 31-05-2010

Ok Ed,

here is the data I gathered with my GPS / HR monitor last Sunday:

km1 - 5:20 - 157 AHR
km2 - 4:53 - 167 AHR
km3 - 5:16 - 167 AHR
km4 - 4:57 - 169 AHR Uphill
km5 - 5:20 - 178 AHR Uphill
km6 - 4:39 - 173 AHR Downhill
km7 - 4:45 - 171 AHR Downhill
km8 - 4:58 - 175 AHR
km9 - 5:16 - 175 AHR Uphill
km10 - 4:35 - 174 AHR Downhill
km11 - 5:08 - 177 AHR Uphill
km12 - 4:59 - 178 AHR
km13 - 5:17 - 176 AHR Uphill
km14 - 5:09 - 177 AHR Uphill
km15 - 5:22 - 174 AHR Uphill
km16 - 4:52 - 173 AHR
km17 - 4:58 - 173 AHR
km18 - 5:18 - 175 AHR
km19 - 4:24 - 174 AHR Downhill
km20 - 5:01 - 175 AHR Downhill
km21 - 5:40 - 167 AHR

Total 1:46:18.

Finish Line: 1:47:11 (21,25k according to GPS)

Total AHR 172

I am 31 years old, 175cm and 69kg. Max HR I've reached is 196.

Today was a day off.:noway:

45 min 10k Training Program - TheEd - 31-05-2010

tomorrow a light 20 to 30 minutes and then we can see when you can start up again


45 min 10k Training Program - psycho - 01-06-2010

Hi Ed,

went for a light jog this afternoon. 4km in 32:40 minutes. Nice and easy.

My triceps are still a bit sore, so I didn't push it. I did do a nice series of abs once I got home, and my full routine of stretching exercises.

45 min 10k Training Program - TheEd - 02-06-2010

it may not be a good idea to start with the 2000m session if the body still has aches and pains, so do let me know after today's run whether you ready for Thursday, please?