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sub 40 10k for the over 50's - malabar - 03-06-2010

Hi, few details..
  • Male age 56
  • Pulse (best minimum) 42
  • Pulse (max in training) 171
  • Serious runner since 30, 5-6 times per week, will now build up to 90kms per week for a half marathon and around 70kms per week for a 10K
  • 10K PB = 35’20 (@44) NOW - 39’59 (official course 18 months ago)
  • Half marathon PB = 1:19’01 (@44) NOW - 1:29:01
Had a few resent failed attempts at sub 40 10k, so following a 1:30:00 half marathon had 8 weeks to the next (flat and official measured ) 10K so decided to try a new approached…..
Apart from LSD (long slow distance) Sunday runs and recovery jogs all I did was:
Warm up (2k) then run as far as possible at 4’00 per Km (10k pace) then jog back , managed around 10 of these runs building from 3k to three or four at around 20 minutes for the 5K the last (yesterday) was 19’52 – I’ve attached a graph showing how my pulse taken every half km has improved – I read a drop of around 5 B.P.M so will I do a sub 40 10k ?
- sorry could not attach image as my post count is 0 ...
It’s next Sunday (6 the June 2010) www,10kmechirolles,fr
I’m particularly interested in old runners who have managed to maintain their times

Cheers Adrian Perkins

sub 40 10k for the over 50's - TheEd - 03-06-2010

malabar .. welcome to the forums, I shall give a full reply on my return, I unfortunately only saw this now between the other things and will answer when I return in 2 or 3hrs time

thanks for your patience

ps.. anticipated patience Wink

sub 40 10k for the over 50's - TheEd - 03-06-2010

Hi Adrian .. have you looked at the sub 40 minute 10 km program

as this should be most helpful and will definitely benefit a person of your age

Let me know