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10km training plan advice - Manos - 09-06-2010

My name is Emmanouil and I am 49 years old
I am long time cyclist with lot of races experience and about 250000km at my legs, my max HR at this time is 188 and the rest HR 50 LTH 176
From December 2009 together with my cycling training plan I have start also running about 3 times a week, easy aerobic ,tempo and a little speed work
Till today I have ran about 900km and I had my first ever half Marathon April 25 at 1:34:07 (Avg HR: 171 bpm Max HR: 186 bpm)
and my second race was at 30 May, 9.4Km at 40:25 (Avg HR:179 bpm Max HR: 187 bpm) the half race way was uphill
I find very interesting the 10Km and I like to following a training plan so I can make a better time.
Please you can suggest me which program I must following .
Thank you very much

10km training plan advice - TheEd - 09-06-2010

Hi Manos and welcome to the forums

the best thing you can do is run a 4km time-trial preferably on a 400m tartan track and then we can work from there

if you can give me lap splits and as much heart rate data the better

over to you


10km training plan advice - Manos - 09-06-2010

hi TheEd
thank you for your answer and the welcome!
I will finish this weekend with my cycling targets (12-6 Time trail & 13-6 endurance race for the Masters Greek championship) after that I will focus to running.
For sure I will following your advice and go for the 4000m TT at the stadium so I can came buck with all the data from my Garmin .
Thank you again

10km training plan advice - TheEd - 09-06-2010

magic .. if you want to maintain your cycling then you can still do so by balancing the program

the most important sessions are the Long Run - 2000's and 1000's

if you want to cycle we do not recommend hard cycle sessions a day before and after the above 3 sessions

if you know how to spin correctly then that can be beneficial


ps.. good luck for your champs

10km training plan advice - Manos - 09-06-2010

hi TheEd,
for sure I will maintain cycling and I will follow your recommendations about the 3 important sessions & not have a hard cycle sessions a day before and after,what a fantastic tips you give me ,Thanks again!!!
I am specialist at spinning and Time trial
Thank you for the wishis about the champs ,I will do my best:-)
greetings from Crete & Thanks again!!!

10km training plan advice - Manos - 10-06-2010

Hr zones are the same for cycling and running?
I have hear from a coach that my running training zones must be my cycling zones +7 ,its that correct?
Thank you

10km training plan advice - TheEd - 11-06-2010

Manos for while you adapting to the program you provide feedback and run according to how you feel, then we take the hr feedback and give you more info accordingly

to start with keep it simple


10km training plan advice - Manos - 11-06-2010

Thank you

10km training plan advice - TheEd - 06-07-2010

Hi Manos .. what's up .. how did everything go .. has been a while now


10km training plan advice - Manos - 06-07-2010

Thank you for your interesting .Everything was fine with my cycling race for the Masters Greek championship.
I was 13th at TT and 14th at endurance race (Category 40 to 49 years old)looks like I am at good condition only a breath before my 50th years & the oldest at the category:-)
If you are interesting you can look at my Time trial data at a difficult TT course.

Distance 14,0 km
Duration 0:20:30
Average Heart Rate 177 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 182 bpm
Minimum Speed 20,5 km/h
Average Speed 41,0 km/h
Maximum Speed 49,7 km/h
Minimum Cadence 61 rpm
Average Cadence 85 rpm
Maximum Cadence 105 rpm
Average Power 297 Watts
Maximum Power 721 Watts
Left Right Balance Average L50 - 50R Left – Right

Now about running,
the plan was to race at 10km race the end of August but that has change and my next target is the Athens Classic Marathon at 31 October.
From last week I have start a marathon training plan (18 weeks) aim at a good time and position at my age group.
Tomorrow my training plan is 40min aerobic- 30 min tempo -10 easy. At my tempo work out I will get 4X1000 meters and send you the data so you can look where I am …
I don’t know if it is a good idea at this moment to follow your 10km training plan because my next 10km race will be at 2011 .
That’s at the moment
Thank you very much
Best regards