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Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 10-01-2011

I'm reasonably happy with it under the circumstances, last time out I ran 18:54 relatively comfortable, so it would have been nice to avg 3:50, but as you say 2k sess is where I need to improve.....

I have a 6k road race this Sunday. It's a small event and I'm looking forward to stretching the legs!

400s today, I'll update this evening.

Cheers from a very muggy Melbourne!


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 12-01-2011

Hi TheEd,

Here is info from 400s yesterday... I felt comfortable throughout and tried to focus on remaining relaxed and not pushing too much.

Split Time Avg HR Max HR
1 0:01:21 143 163
2 0:01:21 148 167
3 0:01:20 151 169
4 0:01:21 154 171
5 0:01:20 156 176
6 0:01:20 159 174
7 0:01:20 159 178
8 0:01:20 161 175
9 0:01:20 162 177
10 0:01:21 163 177

AVG 0:01:20 155.6 172.7


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 12-01-2011

looks nice and consistent

nice going


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 17-01-2011

Evening TheEd,

I hope all is well with you.

Here's the details from my run yesterday:

Split Time Distance Avg HR Max HR
1 0:03:46 1 152 166
2 0:03:53 1 196 212
3 0:03:48 1 198 202
4 0:04:02 1 176 199
5 0:04:08 1 175 180
6 0:03:45 1 176 179
7 0:00:17 0.08 178 178
Total: 0:23:41 6.08 179 212

It was a tough little course with 2 solid hills. I thought I would get around a bit quicker (sub 23), but I think the humidity played a bit of a factor........

Also, I am starting a new cycle this week, which brings me up to my triathlon on the 6th Feb. My plan is to replace my 1hour recovery runs on this cycle with 1hour bike sessions. I keep my Hr avg around 140 and stay in an easy gear throughout bike sessions, so shouldn't cause too much trouble.

Other than that, sessions as usual, beginning with 75 min easy tomorrow and 2k sess on Thursday and 90min on Saturday....

How does this all sound to you?

Thanks for your help,

Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 17-01-2011

wow .. you call those hills .. sure they weren't mountains with a bear on your back .. the pulse went nice and high it is a wonder your legs still wanted to go after that Wink

replacing the 1hr runs looks in order

when do you slot the swimming in?



Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 17-01-2011

I know, not sure about the hr data on that one, seems ridiculously high.
Although the 4:02 and 4:08 tell there own story I suppose :laugh:

I have 3 swims a week, relaxed pace throughout. Swimming is probably the most natural of the 3 legs for me, so I don't find it too taxing. Based on the short lead up time, I am not doing any real speed work in the pool, just a bit of conditioning.

I did a swim this morning (30mins), with the easy 75min run tonight. My plan is to double up on easy run/bike days and give myself 10 - 12 hours recovery in between the 2 sessions on these days.

Sound ok to you?

Also, I have a tri next Wednesday 26th Jan. It's an enduro format, so 400/12.5/3 * 2. It's a really flat course, so it should be a nice lead in to 6th Feb. I have no expectations on this event, the plan is to use it as a bit of race prep. The race will replace the 1hr easy run on Wednesday, with no other changes to the cycle.

Very open to any suggestions on this. Thanks for your help.

Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 18-01-2011

everything seems OK .. a little later we will start to discuss when to add quality swim sessions etc and especially if you are a natural in the pool



Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 18-01-2011

Thanks TheEd, I appreciate your feedback!

swimming feels "most natural" to me, not sure that makes me a natural :laugh:

Talk soon,

Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 24-01-2011

Afternoon TheEd,

I hope all is well with you.

Unfortunately I didn't have time (or the stomach) to complete the full 2k session. I managed 4 reps as follows:

Time Avg HR Max HR HR after rest
1. 7:39 162 172 109
2. 7:45 193 208 120
3. 7:42 171 180 133
4. 7:50 173 182 128

Due to the heat and humidity, I had to wait until the end of the day, the temp was still around 27 - 29C, so not great running conditions. My legs started to cramp after the session and I felt exhausted the following day, I guess this was due to the conditions??


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 24-01-2011

Hi N .. heat and adaptation does take time

the 1k session should be better so look forward

the session in itself was not bad though that bear seemed to return in the 2nd 2k

recover well