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Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 16-10-2010

magic now the secret after the build up run is to keep all the 1hr runs when going onto the 10km program

1hr replaces the easy 30 to 40 minute runs



Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 17-10-2010

Hi TheEd,
Understood, sounds good....

4k t.t. today: 14:51

1. 3:39
2. 3:38
3. 3:56
4. 3:36

What time would you suggest for Thursday's 2k reps, 7:30?

thanks for your feedback

Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 17-10-2010

start at 7.40 .. this is more wise and will help you get back into the sessions without kinks .. you will be keeping the 1hr runs now which will be different to the previous cycles

come the end of the 1000m session you will be ready to step up to the next speed level quite well


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 20-10-2010

Evening TheEd,

How are you keeping?

Runs have been going well and I'm looking forward to getting back into the 2k and 1k sessions!

Upcoming races:
21st Nov - Short Course Tri: 500/20/5
Tri falls on day of 5km time trial. My plan is to enjoy swim and bike, then pick up the pace for 5k.

28th Nov - 10k road race

2nd Dec - 10k (track event)

12th Dec - 10k road race

I'm guessing the 10k's are a bit too close together to race them all.
Would you agree?


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 20-10-2010

Big Grin .. hilarious I had just posted over here

"... there is a new zest that comes about where the 2k session is actually missed"

so brilliant to read this

ps.. as for the 10k's ... you never know because after this build up you should have a higher aerobic base which allows you to recover better between races, so the 10k's could in fact all be a go

Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 21-10-2010

Evening TheEd,

Session started well, but got a stitch early in the 4th rep....
Pride hurt just enough to want to get stuck into 1ks next Tuesday :p

1. 7:31
2. 7:38
3. 7:40
4. 8:10
5. 9:27


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 21-10-2010

love the last 2000m session/time Wink

these things happen sometimes

please give feedback of how you feel over the next couple of days

the 1000m session should be better


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 23-10-2010

Yes, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself by the last rep!!

Feeling ok now, long run today, so I'll let you know how the body responds.

Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 23-10-2010

Hey again!

I have been contemplating using a HR monitor again. I haven't used one for a couple of years reason being I was getting overly focussed on numbers, instead of running to how I feel....

I'm guessing the extra information would be useful though, what do you reckon?


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 23-10-2010

the extra information would certainly be useful and here at Time-to-Run we encourage that a heart rate monitor is used to enhance your training and that one learns the essence of training and that the data recorded shows you what is taking place when you exercise

hope this helps as it is meant to be a process which assists in recovery and achieving certain training elements