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10k & 21k Training - DaveM40 - 27-06-2010

Hi TheEd - hope you are well.

I am returning to training after my calf tear. So far I have done week 1 on the "off period" and have had no problems. I am running on grass at the moment to avoid impact.

I have lost quite a lot of fitness in the 5 weeks off running, despite the cross training, but not too bad. My week looked like this;

Mon 40 min @ 4.59 / 133

Weds 40 min @ 5.02 / 134

Fri 50 min @ 5.03 / 134

Sat 30 min jog / 122

Sun 50 min @ 4.55 / 135

Not my best stats - but it is great to be just out running again! Smile

My plan is to do week 2 and then a 6 week "Build Up" phase as I have a long winter season ahead with cross country for the club and some road races in Autumn / Spring. My targets are sub 35 10k (current PB 36.35) and sub 80 21k. I am guessing the 21k will be in March next year?

How does this sound as an overall plan?

10k & 21k Training - TheEd - 27-06-2010

sounds good Dave and welcome back

after the build-up you should see a big difference, so exciting changes to come


10k & 21k Training - DaveM40 - 03-07-2010

Hi TheEd - hope you have had a good week.

I have done week 2 of "Return To Training" successfully;

Mon 50 mins @ 139 / 4.59 (very hot & windy day)

Tue 50 min @131 / 5.18 (very hot & windy day)W

Wed rest day

Thu 60 min 131 / 4.52

Fri 60 min easy run and circuit training (including 100m strides between exercises on sports pitches) - great workout these :laugh:

Sat - rest

Sun - to be 1 hour easy

My legs are good - all runs on grass or mud paths ... I ran very slow early in the week because it was so hot and windy - I couldn't keep the HR down, so I just jogged and walked a bit. Ran well later in the week when weather cooled.

I will start build up phase on Monday

My first main target race is a 21k on October 24th - is that a realsitic goal?


10k & 21k Training - TheEd - 04-07-2010

yes.. October a realistic goal

nice to have you ticking over again


10k & 21k Training - DaveM40 - 10-07-2010

Hi TheEd - hows things in sweden? Hope you are all well there.

I did week 1 of 6 of the build up phase;

Mon - 60 min @ 134 / 4:44

Tue - Circuits with 100m strides

Wed - 60 min @ 134 / 4:52

Thu - rest

Fri - Rolling hills - I did these on a moderate slope aprox 250m - it is on football / cricket pitches (pity the guys who have to play there with the slope!) - I ran 3 x 10 min sets of hard uphill / jog back with a 1 min drink break between sets as it was hot.

Sat - 75 min long run @ 131 / 5.19 - very slow today as I wanted to keep the HR down in the hot & windy weather.

I feel good and calf has been fine. I enjoyed training all week. I ran all sessions on grass / mud trail. It was windy all week and got hotter as the week went on.

2 questions; :notworthy: Is the hill session I did ok? Is it normal for HR to get higher in hot weather runs - I ran 60 mins at 4.44 Monday in mild weather and jogged 5.18 Saturday in the heat!

All the best ... Dave

10k & 21k Training - TheEd - 11-07-2010

weather always affects heart rate

you have to use more energy to run a certain pace that is normally at a lower heart rate in ideal conditions

keep monitoring the body and after this build-up you will find pulse will drop radically after a few quality sessions however the first 2000m session will be a 'toughie'

nice to see you going through this as it sets you up nicely for the next level


10k & 21k Training - DaveM40 - 11-07-2010

Thanks for the heat answer TheEd.

Was the hill workout I did ok? Wink


10k & 21k Training - TheEd - 11-07-2010

apologies Dave .. on 'normal' occasions that is a nice slope however if you are able to find any hills which are rolling .. rolling would mean a mild incline over a course that is hilly

what you did would make it too much of a quality session for the build-up (too structured) .. rolling is closely related to relaxed, so a relaxed run which incorporates hills .. the hills will inevitably cause a higher heart rate and if incorporated correctly makes magic aerobic development while gaining strength

magic stuff

ps.. in our distance runner development, the length of hill should be around 600m, anything shorter creates too much effort .. the idea would be to run 600m @ 10 km effort .. the developed athlete gets 10 x 600m Wink and maybe you can get there soon

10k & 21k Training - DaveM40 - 11-07-2010

Thanks - I understand the rolling hills workout better now; :duh:

It is a sort of Fartlek - 45 - 50 mins running the hills at 10k pace and easing over the flats / downhills?

Am I correct in that now?

Thanks for your help.


10k & 21k Training - TheEd - 11-07-2010

more or less correct Dave .. depending of level of development determines effort on the hills .. to start with and in your case it is more a case of running the hills with a relaxed effort

we would like for you to go towards hill sessions in the future, so something to chat about

nice to see you rolling again