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Sub 50min Queries - Clare - 01-08-2010

Hi Ed,

I'd like to ask some very basic questions about the Sub 50min program. I've run a couple of 10ks but never followed a structured training plan before. I'd like to now though and this seems like one of the better and definitely one of the less complicated plans.

I take it 'R' means stop running completely, or does it mean jog at an easy pace? (yes I'm very new to all this!).

Where the program says 'at 10k pace', does that mean at the pace at which I hope to complete the 10k on race day (for example 4.55 per k)?

If I cannot yet run 2k in 9.50 x 3 cycles (to do so is on the edge of my capability at the mo) would it be better to focus on improving my 5k time before embarking on the program proper?

Finally, I am a shift worker and would need to juggle the program a little, for example every 8-10 days I can't train for a couple of days (12-hour nightshifts!). Can the program tolerate a certain amount of adaptation?

By way of background my PB is 52.58.

Many thanks,
Clare Smile

Sub 50min Queries - TheEd - 01-08-2010

Hi clare and welcome

congrats on making the commitment to run a sub 50 minute 10km and good luck with the venture

yes R stands for REST

and yes, 10k pace is anticipated 10km race pace

however, what you could do is a 4 km time-trial and then provide feedback so that I can adapt your training to suit your ability

the first 8 days of the program are the most important training wise and we would need to juggle a fair amount to accommodate the 'shifts', nothing wrong with trying to find a suitable pattern for you

you have run a a 52 minute 10 km previously, so you have some background at least.

now what I need from you is how you envisage you can work around the program and then also what training you have been doing till now

over to you and let's hope we can find a solution

ps.. started a new thread so it can be all yours

Sub 50min Queries - Clare - 03-08-2010

Hi Ed, thanks for the new thread Smile and thanks very much for your advice!

I can do a time trial on Thursday. I take it I simply need to run 4k as fast as I can - is it okay to do it on a treadmill?

My shift roster runs on an 8-10 day cycle and it's effect on my availability to train is as follows:
Day 1 No
Day 2 No or 30 mins easy in some shift cycles.
Day 3 Yes
Day 4 No
Day 5 Yes (easy)
Days 6-8 Yes
The cycle then either goes back to the beginning or to:
Days 9 & 10 Yes

I could time my start of the program so that the important first 8 days are the best possble fit with the cycle.

I know that I need to work on speed - at a steady 10 km/hr or just under I often feel like I could run all day - well over an hour anyway! - but I'd be pushed to maintain 12 km/hr for longer than 10 mins. Also I need to work on pacing myself - my pace is rarely 'steady'!

My training recently has emphasised strength rather than a lot of actual running because I'm a keen skier. However come mid-late August I'll want to start emphasising running again.

Weekly pattern for about the last 6 weeks has looked like this:
1 x outdoor run with Hash Harriers: 7-9k over undulating or hilly ground.
1 x interval training on treadmill/cross-trainer: 30 min session of 15 mins per machine.
2 x weights sessions.
1 x 45 min session of strength mixed with short cardio bursts.


Sub 50min Queries - TheEd - 03-08-2010

OK .. grand .. 4km time-trial is how you feel and is used to provide you with the pace for the 2k and 1k sessions

these sessions may take a little while to adapt to and will be the crux of achieving sub 50 minutes for 10 km

by the looks of it we should be able to achieve something if you able to commit to the first 8 days of the 3 week cycle with particular attention to the following:

2k session

1 long run of a minimum of 12km

1k session

before and after these sessions can also be juggled however these sessions must be done from Day 3 to Day 8 inclusive

cheers and over to you


Sub 50min Queries - Clare - 18-08-2010

Hi Ed, apologies for disappearing without warning, I was away building leg strength (skiing Big Grin).

My time trial was 20min 20 sec for 4k.

It's extremely useful to know where I need to stick right to the training plan and where a little juggling can be done, thank you.

Just to clarify - in the first 8 days, I need to do Days 3, 5 and 8 as per the plan with some juggling being okay on other days if neccessary, or did you mean I should do all of Days 3-8 inclusive exactly as written?

Many thanks!

Sub 50min Queries - TheEd - 18-08-2010

Hi Clare .. great

you got it right on first calling .. doing the quality sessions

2k session - longish run and 1k session

and then juggle what you can cannot do thereafter .. so very much playing it by ear and then working on things from there

to start with your first 2k session would be at 5 min 20 to 5 minute 30 per km pace, giving you a time of 10:40 to 11 minutes for each 2km

once you have completed the first 4 x 2km session we can see the results from the session and work on times from there

Does this sound 'doable' by you?


Sub 50min Queries - Clare - 26-08-2010

Hi Ed,

Thank you! Yes I think that will be doable.

The way my roster's looking, starting on Friday 3rd should work well.

I was thinking of substituting cross training or strength training for some of the easy 30 min runs, maybe once or twice a week, unless that's a bad idea.

I am finding this very motivating Smile

You mention the first 4 x 2km session, but I can't see that on the plan - or is it something I'll be working up to?

Sub 50min Queries - TheEd - 26-08-2010

my apologies it is 3 x 2km which on the sub 45 becomes 4 x 2km and then the sub 40 it becomes 5 x 2km

all progressive development

in the first 5 days (from Day 3 till Day 8) rather do no cross training to see how your body adapts

thereafter for the next 11 days you can consider doing cross training

the 3 sessions from Day 3 to Day 8 are the toughest

hope this helps