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swim, bike run - nickmac - 13-08-2010

Hi TheEd,

I hope you're keeping well.

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your help over the past 7 weeks. I have completed 2 full training cycles now and I've taken 49seconds off my 10km pb! Not a bad start at all :jive:

I regularly compete in a triathlon series during the summer months. It's just for fun and also gives me a physical/mental break from run training. The series begins in November and finishes in February, however, the only peak performance race for me is the second Sunday of January (Olympic dist - longest dist).

I will do a 12 week lead up program, beginning 18th October. What I will do until then is lay a bit of a foundation with some easy (long) swims and mountain bike sessions.

I'm just wondering how I can go about doing these extra sessions without taking away from my run sessions. Is this possible? Like everyone else, I can struggle to find time to train, so the idea of 2 sessions a day is probably not realistic for me at the moment (especially with a 9 week old boy!). Would it be advisable to replace the 30min easy runs with xtraining sessions? I would really appreciate your feedback on this bearing in mind my ultimate aim remains my 10km p.b. target of sub 35mins.

As I posted on the other thread, I've had a bit of a cold this week, thankfully I'm feeling much better now, but it does mean I haven't completed any training in a week. My plan is to get back into it slowly, starting with a couple of easy runs this weekend, then starting a new cycle next Tuesday.

Look forward to getting your input on this....

Talk soon and thanks again for your help,