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10k training for Mountain Running - kiskiw - 06-09-2010

Do you think I can use the 10km training program for mountain racing? If so what would be some changes to the 33min program I could make that would make it more sport specific, if anything at all?


10k training for Mountain Running - TheEd - 07-09-2010

Hi kiskiw and welcome to the forums

the 10km training programs can certainly be used towards mountain racing however everything depends on what level you are

you mention the 33 minute 10km program

depending on what your current training week looks like and what times you are running presently, 5km and 10km, then we could discuss various elements to the program which are not present (on the online schedules) but as the user progresses would be added .. ie.. hillwork on the 1st weekend

Over to you


10k training for Mountain Running - kiskiw - 07-09-2010

I currently run ultras so i'm running about 75-100 miles a week with 3-5 hour long runs on the weekend. I don't do alot of speed work but ran a 35ish 10km on rolling trails about 2 weeks ago as a tempo run.

I want to start running shorter faster races but continue to race on trails and mountain races.

my paces vary but my regular 10 mile run is at about 6:45-7:00 pace and my 5.5 road loop is at about 6:30-6:40 pace.

I would really like to run at the Canadian Mountain running championship next year and want to start thinking about training for that and think this might be a good program to get me from the mileage junkie I am to a faster runner.

thanks for everything

10k training for Mountain Running - TheEd - 08-09-2010

OK great then you should cope with the added hillwork session on the first weekend, to boot you off you could do a 4k time-trial and then from that feedback the sessions such as the 5 x 2k and 6x 1k will be more personalised

over to you


10k training for Mountain Running - kiskiw - 08-09-2010

4km TT on the track 13.45. Pretty windy out though but felt good. I'm racing a 100miler on saturday so I held back a bit but thats pretty good I think with no real speed work in the last month.

So lets see what in store!


10k training for Mountain Running - TheEd - 09-09-2010

wow a 100 miler .. :laugh:

a light jog for you then Wink

let's see what we can do after your weekend

nice 4k time to work from

good luck


10k training for Mountain Running - kiskiw - 14-09-2010

OK race is done and now I can focus on some speed! what do you have in mind for the training?

I'm taking some rest days but then I'm all yours.


10k training for Mountain Running - TheEd - 14-09-2010

let's chat after a few days Rest and would consider only doing the first 2k session next week Thursday and this week reintroducing light running

this time next week we can start with Day1 on the program

have you any idea of short term races?


ps.. how did the 100 miler go?

10k training for Mountain Running - kiskiw - 14-09-2010

race went well ended up in 2nd place in 20+ hours. I was 1st till about mile 65-70 and was passed while having a washroom break! the condidtions were the worst I had ever seen them on the course. Very wet and muddy so my feet took a real beating. I managed to cut into his lead getting him back to about a 24min lead but figured it wasn't worth destroying myself trying to catch him so I let him go.

As far a races go October has a 8km trail race and I think there is a 25km race a ski hill in the first week of november that I would like to run. but I have to check the websites for exact dates

And the rest sounds pretty good. I haven't run a step yet but might go for an easy 20min at the soccer fields to loosen up today and see what the damage is. My feet are pretty banged up but I don't feel all that bad other wise.


10k training for Mountain Running - TheEd - 14-09-2010

you must look after your feet as any problems at the tyres can lead to problems in the suspension etc

so treat them well

OK (race wise) .. so a rather clear path for 10km training