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Good to start a 10k program? - Xwave - 07-02-2008

I was searching for some programs and came across yours. I'd like to do the sub-50 min. program but I'm not sure if I should do some kind of build up phase first. My last race was a 1/2 marathon in November and since then, I haven't done a formal program. Just making sure that I was running 2-3x/week, a combination of regular runs and intervals. I'm 28 years old.

Can I jump into the program or should I do some other base building first? Is there other information you need to know?

Good to start a 10k program? - TheEd - 07-02-2008

Hi Xwave, and welcome

we can guide you through the program for the first 2 cycles .. 6 weeks

You would need to do a 4k time-trial preferably on a 400m tartan track and if you can provide splits and if you have a heart rate monitor then those splits too

Once I have this I will shuffle something out for you to build you up slowly while on the program at the same time

This should be of help

Good to start a 10k program? - Xwave - 09-02-2008

Thanks! I'm going to wait for the weather to let up before I hit the track. I do run in rain, but not a downpour/snow. Big Grin