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Going for 21k in May 2011 - K4marathon - 03-11-2010

Hello TheEd and others

Just started running for the first time in my life. Did six runs so far in the past 3 weeks, all between 5 and 10k. I've done some semi-regular team sports approx twice weekly for some years and consider myself in "average" fitness condition for my age (37).

My plan is to run my first race (half marathon) on 7th of May 2011. Initially my target is under 2h, so I try to build up for 1:50 in training.

I started today with the 10k sub 50 program, and did a 10k run at 1:05:27. I initially aimed at taking a 7-min pace (70 min as per the guide), but the 6:30 pace felt much better so this seems to be the suitable "easy" speed for me at this stage. I kept the same speed the whole time, and my average HR came out at 145, which made me feel like I could have gone on for much longer at this speed.

Looking forward to continuing the discussions here!


Going for 21k in May 2011 - TheEd - 03-11-2010

Hi k4marathon and welcome to the forums

as I have had the opportunity to chat to you we can roll towards doing a few necessary things such as the 4km 'test' so that we are able to provide the best pace for your sessions

we know you have a suunto heart rate monitor so please put as much heart rate detail in about your 4km trial

always remember that less is better currently and once you adapt to the cycle of the 10km program everything should be easier to work towards regarding your goals in May

congrats on joining


Going for 21k in May 2011 - K4marathon - 05-11-2010

Hello TheEd

I did the 4k test run yesterday. Not sure yet about all the functionality of my new Suunto, but you may try to access the run with lots of details on the movescount website, this is move756235 (I could not post the link here)

As a summary, I did the run on an indoor 400m track. The GPS had no coverage (would have needed the Foot Pad now...) so I recorded the laps manually on the watch. Here are the lap times and HRs:

1) 1:46, 150bpm
2) 1:49, 167bpm
3) 1:53, 170bpm
4) 1:56, 170bpm
5) 2:03, 170bpm
6) 2:02, 170bpm
7) 2:02, 170bpm
8) 2:00, 171bpm
9) 1:50, 175bpm
10) 1:40, 181bpm
Total 19:03, 169bpm (max 182)

I think I started slightly too fast, and then had to drop a bit as I felt I will not be able to keep the pace. 170 seems like a sustainable HR for this type of run. On the last lap I really could not get the HR up above 182, so maybe that's my maximum. In all, I was quite happy with my first run on a track, and I think this is really the maximum I can do at this point.

Going for 21k in May 2011 - TheEd - 05-11-2010

k4m .. this is a decent run considering your background (I shall take a look at the moves data a little later)

consider starting on the sub 50 minute 10km format from next week tuesday and I shall provide further data about the pace for training etc in my next post

till Tuesday do easy running as before however consider 20% less as you will start the rigidity of the schedule from next Thursday when you will do the 2000's on Tuesday you can run 1hr relaxed

more detail and advice will be provided regarding the schedule and with your feedback we will maintain balance while you develop your fitness and work towards your goal. You may change some of your goals once you start getting the positive affects from the program but always remember to keep things simple so as to avoid complications such as 'niggles and aches' which could lead to injury

nice going .. more later


Going for 21k in May 2011 - K4marathon - 05-11-2010

Thanks for your comments!
I will start the program as you suggest. However, I have already scheduled a jogging with a colleague for this Sunday. Was planning to do only relaxing today and tomorrow and then we'd try to get a 15k run at 6:00/k pace on Sun. Do you think it fits the starting on Tue?

Going for 21k in May 2011 - TheEd - 05-11-2010

the sunday run should be fine .. try get your colleague to do the 2000's with you Wink

chat soon


Going for 21k in May 2011 - K4marathon - 08-11-2010

Hello TheEd

Now I am getting ready for my program to start on Tuesday.

I did a couple of slower runs in the past days:

Fri: 5,1k @ 6:17 per km, HR average 141 (movescount: /moves/move759654)
Sun: 15k @ 6:55 per km, HR average 140 (movescount: /moves/move772169)

I did both runs alone. The longer one on Sunday was in terrain with quite some ups and downs along the way. I tried to keep the HR steady and did not look at my speed during the run. It went fine, even if a felt a bit stiching pain in my chest at two occasions (around 1:06 hrs from start and 1:24 hrs from start). In both occasions, the pain went away after 1-2 minutes. Also, my legs started to feel a bit heavy toward the end, and today I have the feeling in my legs that I have had some heavier exercise.

Today I will do stretching and my regular floorball, and then tomorrow I will start the program with the easy 60-70 min run.

Regarding the term "easy run", do you recommend I shall run these runs only focusing on keeping my body relaxed and my HR low? If so, how low should the HR ideally be? Or should I try to keep a steady pace from the beginning to the end?

Looking forward to your comments


Going for 21k in May 2011 - TheEd - 08-11-2010

K4marathon Wrote:Regarding the term "easy run", do you recommend I shall run these runs only focusing on keeping my body relaxed and my HR low?

Hi k4m .. I have not got a total take on your best easy heart rate just yet but there is no harm in trying to keep it below 140 for tomorrow's run .. once you give feedback after Tuesday run I shall provide the Thursday session

you can take a rest day on Wednesday .. there is no harm in ding this and can benefit your recovery until you get stronger and adapt to the programs

after the 2000m session heart rate feedback things will begin to paint a picture making it easier to determine the best pulse ranges for you


Going for 21k in May 2011 - K4marathon - 09-11-2010


I did the "Easy 60-minute"- run today. I set the HR Monitor alarm at 138 to keep the HR below 140 bpm, and the HR also remained steady at an average of 137. I felt that this pace was very slow and it was quite difficult for me to get a decent rhythm at this HR, the speed felt somewhat unnatural. As a comparison my previous runs at average HR above 140-155 have felt more natural.
The end result was 8.4k, with a speed of 7:08 min / km and the HR as mentioned at 137. I was not particularily exhausted after the run.
Details on movescount, move 780178.

Looking forward to your advice on the interval exercise on Thursday!



Going for 21k in May 2011 - TheEd - 10-11-2010

OK .. it is difficult to understand the need for the slower pulse range until you get into the routine of the program

tomorrow Thursday .. you have 3 x 2000m at 4.50 per k .. this gives you 9.40

you rest between 90 seconds and 2 minutes before doing the next 2k at the same pace then Rest 90 to 2 minutes and do the last 2k at target pace

if you find the session easy be thankful, if you find it tough enjoy it even more

we chat after the 2k session

and then once you have completed the 1k session next week you can say whether the slower running is uncomfortable

we will continue to look at this and moving it towards 140 again is not a problem if you absorbing the new quality work

good luck and enjoy