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Returning to Running after 23 years! - Tortoise - 14-12-2010

Hi Ed,

Firstly congrats on a fantastic RUNNING site!:wow: I've been following you guys for some time now and I find all the advice and information here to be inspirational.

I know you are a very busy person but would it be OK to ask your opinion, or perhaps for some advice? ::please:

I was introduced to running at the age of thirteen and I ran competitively up to the age of seventeen, mostly cross country. I ran a few road and track meets too. At seventeen our team broke up and the really good guys went off to the USA to pursue a career as professional athletes. I went off to college and lost touch with the sport.

My best times were run at the age of sixteen. (Mediocre I know, but I ran my best and am proud of these times).

8KM/5Miles hilly 29:04
Track 3000M 9:44:

Sorry I can not remember any more times, but those two are burned into my memory.

I am 39 now and I have been an occasional jogger for the past twenty odd years. Last year after gaining some extra insulation I decided to do something to burn it off. I started some regular easy runs...between 30 - 50 mins. Starting out was frustrating as I suffered shin splints Sad and patella tendinitis. There were many aches and pains also:mad:

To make a long story even more boring:

In Feb this year I ran 41:05 over 10K. This came as a bit of a surprise as it was my first race in 21 years. I ran 19:45 for the first 5K, and 3:35 for the first 1K. The old nerves of my teenage cross country and track starts kicked in and I couldn't control myself. I don't remember feeling any discomfort during that first 1km and when I looked at my watch I was very surprised. Needless to say I died later but it felt good to be back racing again.

I ran two other 10K's both slower 42:34 and after a layoff due to tendinitis 42:26 ( I was aiming to go sub 45 due to bad prep).

I goal is to go sub 40 for 10K again. I think that this might be possible. I ran 4.25 Miles / 6.8 K in 27:26 two weeks ago.

Is it a ridiculous question to ask what level I could expect to return to with training. Is it possible to get 6 min/mile fit again? Or are those days forever in the rear view mirror?

Also should I launch into a 10K schedule or train for distance first?

Thanks for reading this far,

Best regards and happy Christmas!

Tortoise. :jester:

Returning to Running after 23 years! - TheEd - 15-12-2010

Hi Tortoise and welcome to the forums .. thank you for the compliments about the site

what does your current running routine look like .. stating your longest run and whether you do any quality work, please?

do you have any aches and pains at present?

depending on your feedback and the routine you used to will determine where we can jump in .. and then we have the thing called 'weather' to consider, as to what can be done .. unless you have the privilege of a treadmill

over to you

ps.. I see you have registered a while ago, so good to have you getting involved Smile

Returning to Running after 23 years! - Tortoise - 15-12-2010

Hi Ed,

Thank you for your replyWink

Credit where credit is due, I have spent a lot of time reading your posts and following the woes and successes of my fellow runners. In the words of the infamous Tony the Tiger....."Its GREEEEAAATTT!"
Simply a fantastic site and a source of really good info. Well done to all who make it work.

Firstly aches and pains. My legs are very often stiff..especially in the morning as I rise. I had simply put this feeling down to a combination of being older now and returning to running after such a long break. I also don't stretch enough, almost never in fact, and I know that this is wrong.

My Patella tendinitis was treated with steroids and is on the mend, (could this disqualify me from the next olympics?:roflSmile The doctor says that this particular tendon injury takes a long time to really get better. He also said, (or at least this is my take on his diagnosis ), that I should continue to exercise.

My longest recent run would be 21K Friday two weeks ago. Long easy effort with some water breaks. 1 hour 37 mins of running excluding breaks. I did no running for the past week and felt so bad with guilt. SO I ran 72 mins yesterday easy,(40 on sand 30 on road) and 37 mins today slow. I printed off your 10K programme yesterday and with it being Tuesday I started the programme. If this is too early I understand.

I have done the odd quality session with my club. Maybe four sessions in six months. It has been really hit and miss though as I have a demanding work schedule and travel a lot. Also my injuries seemed to restrict what I have been able to do over the past year. I am feeling better now.

Anyway the last quality session I did was Monday the 6th, 9 days ago 8 x 1000M in between 4:06 and 4:00mins, with 45 seconds rest. Actually I think only one or two were near 4:00mins and most were nearer 4:06. I felt Ok through out. My breathing was under control. I was going to do another 2 but I got a stitch and gave in. I don't usually stitch.

Sometimes the easier running feels almost as much effort as the faster spins.
My legs feel stiff at slower paces. When I warm up with effort I seem to run OK. Might it be possible that I am more efficient at a particular stride length or speed. Also it seems that I am able to run well sometimes and at other times I bomb. The weather at this time of year is good, I'm living in Dubai. I might not be so positive about this in six months time.:p

There is a marathon and 10K on here on the 21st of January. I plan to run something on that day. I would like to come away from that event feeling that I have made some improvements. I would also like to run the event feeling good and strong.

Sorry for the story of my life

Thank you in advance


Returning to Running after 23 years! - TheEd - 15-12-2010

great stuff ... first off you certainly seem to be training quite intensely which in a way could be adding to your problems .. are you sure it is Patellar Tendinitis

you mentioned faster spins, are you talking running or are you also doing cycling, ie. spinning?

sorry trying to put all the pieces together

as runner's knee and shinsplints would be a category your 'bothers' would fall into now especially if you coming back to running

you truly do need to cutback and do less instead of more

get rid of the aches and pains by doing less

if we look towards 10km in January then we could do a 10km cycle and judging from your 1000m session we can place you on the sub 40 minute 10km schedule and revamp it to suit you to clear up the aches and pains

Let me know if this will suit you



Returning to Running after 23 years! - Tortoise - 15-12-2010

Hi Ed,

Thanks again for the reply,

I had really tight calves about a year ago which then developed into shin splints and a grade 1 bone strain, (I don't know what that is exactly-but it sounds good. I had a few pictures taken in an nuclear medicine lab to confirm this.) The doc thought that I might have also been experiencing high compartmental pressure in the calve muscle compartments. I didn't really understand this concept completely but I think that this was due to lots of fluid in the muscle compartments making the muscles very stiff. Difficult to walk not to mind run at its worst. Thankfully that problem and the shin splints have completely cleared up. Too much, or silly training before I was ready.

About seven months ago I fell off of quite a big boat, actually I was pushed but as there was drink involved it was hard to blame the poor guy who thought that pushing me was a good idea at the time. Hi Jinx's gone wrong! I hit my right knee right under the knee cap off of the boats railing on the lower deck on the way to the water. :duh: It is slow to clear up, but it is much better since the steroid treatment. We have an absolutely great doc here who has done the comrades himself. He seems to think that the knee is OK but the tendon will need time. He also said I should exercise. I was originally really worried as I though the worst.

I would be delighted if you could include me in whatever training that YOU deem fit. I would love to try day III of the programme the 5 x 2000M tomorrow. I know I am going to fall well short of the bench mark but I really liked the progress that some of you other students have made and I would like to start running well again. At the moment I am a few KG overweight, maybe 5-7 KG over ideal fighting weight. My other goal is that I would love to run a cross country race again in either Ireland or in the UK. I You Tubed some XC recently and I am way off of that standard right now. A guy can dream I suppose. Wink

When I mentioned spins, I was referring to some faster runs. A little bit of Irish slang! Apologies..:taped:

I will sign up for the Dubai 10K on Jan 21st. I don't expect to break 40mins then but a nudge in the right direction would be most satisfying.

Thank you again for the time you have taken to answer my post and for your encouragement.

best regards


Returning to Running after 23 years! - Tortoise - 16-12-2010

Hi again ED,

I just did the 5 x 2000M session. I hope that is OK :whistle:.

I did a 2000M warm up, a few exercises and then four strides to loosen the legs.

It was about 15 degrees starting the session and about 25 degrees finishing. I was starting to get warm by the end.... phew....:yes:

This session was done on a 400M running track. All of the recoveries were 90seconds.

The watch doesnt lie so heres how I got on.

1st 7:55mins Splits were 1st lap 90 seconds 1st Km 3:55, 2nd Km 4:00min.

2nd 7:52mins 1st lap 90 seconds 1st km 3:52, 2nd km 4:00min.

3rd 7:51mins 1st km 3:54, 2nd km 3:57.

4th 8:31mins 1st km 4:14, 2nd km 4:17.

5th 8:20mins 1stkm 4:16, 2nd km 4:04.

I died a bit on the fourth 2000m, and I think I sub consciously eased off a little. I noticed my breathing was easier then that for the first three 2000m's. I'm think I am afraid of completely dying near the end, and am concerned with leaving something in the tank for the end.

I have to say that overall I am happy with this session. My knee was fine for the run but is a bit stiff now. I have iced it and hope it will mend completely soon.

Best regards and thanks again

Tortoise. :jester:

Returning to Running after 23 years! - TheEd - 16-12-2010

OK .. have read through both posts .. good to hear the shin splints are a thing of the past BUT still recommend balancing things with caution

your 2k session is good as it is starter and will declare where you are currently

Friday is a rest day so then it is the weekend training

as things look now you should be OK for the race in January over 10k

let's get through this first cycle and I would like feedback so as to avoid over doing things .. let me know about the knee ..

you are able to take rest days instead of the easy 30 to 40 minute runs for now, especially so as to help recovery and avoid complications

The longish run over the weekend, please cut back by 20% so that you get a good roll through to the Tuesday 1000m session

you can even rest on Monday to enhance this if need be

Cheers and forward we go

ps.. I have enjoyed reading your posts Wink

Returning to Running after 23 years! - Tortoise - 17-12-2010

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the advice, what you are suggesting sounds like good sense. At present I am a bit like a clockwork toy. Wind me up, point me in some direction and off I go. The point that I am trying to make is this: I don't really know what I am doing. The proof of this is in the injuries I have been getting. So again thank you for the good advice. I will follow it as best I can.

My knee feels better again today. Well back to status quo when the initial injury is considered. It was a stiff yesterday evening so I walked a little. Today it is behaving quite a bit better.

I am really interested in your approach to rest. I am lazy naturally by nature :yes:, its one of the few gifts that God granted me. So taking the days off that you suggest should be just about manageable.:whistle: I get the impression though that I have a real problem with stamina Sad that the same thing as lack of fitness?).

Yesterday towards the latter end of the session my legs had lost their zip and it became a slog. I was not breathing any harder though. I was surprised also by the fact that the 90 seconds recovery seemed OK.

I will rest when directed and I will reduce the long run by 20% also. I would like to run in January. I am not worried if I do not get a good time. I would like to break 40 mins for 10K at some stage next year. It would be great though if I could get back to running strongly without niggles and injury.

Best regards I appreciate the help

Tortoise. :jester:

Returning to Running after 23 years! - TheEd - 17-12-2010

great .. you should remember to ice your leg after each time you exercise, this is to reduce the swelling around the knee area ... then before going to sleep you can consider putting heat on it, be it a heated towel or something similar

cold straight after exercise and heat later in the evening

let's hope the problem becomes something of the past

stamina .. you lack all that is needed but it shall be gained after a period of time

in the 2k you displayed the lack speed endurance, the ability to run at the set pace for longer periods of time. It was good you completed the session as this is the first stone in building on mental strength which the 5 x 2k session provides

there is a lot to come so enjoy the development

enjoy the weekend's training

ps.. please ask for further clarity if need be

Returning to Running after 23 years! - Tortoise - 18-12-2010

Hi Ed,

Sorry about this but my knee hurts today. I think it is probably wise to rest it ..don't know how it will be tomorrow. I am due to do a long run today
90 mins - 20%.

I could run, it seems to free up whilst I am running but I suspect that this session done today would aggravate the problem.

I will try the ice and heat treatments and fingers crossed it might recover soon.
I shall keep you posted. Any advice on how long I should rest it for?

best regards and thanks