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Training - robin.lagerqvist - 02-10-2019


How shuld I start my training this fall?

RE: Training - TheEd - 03-10-2019

Hi Robin, and welcome back

let's start off with a 4k time-trial .. 10 laps of the track near your home

pace yourself and run easy the first 5 laps and then see if you can speed up

we will use this time as a marker and we shall start from there

for now, you can right down what training you have been doing now as well as what you would like to train towards

all good


RE: Training - robin.lagerqvist - 11-10-2019

I have run 4km on 15.30.

I don't have any competition this year/season.
Want yo start my training for next year/season.
I think i do my first race in march.

RE: Training - TheEd - 12-10-2019

HI Robin .. OK .. what we will do is start off with the Off period for two or three weeks ..

you will note the photo is from Ystad running loop Smile

read the program and ask questions accordingly


RE: Training - robin.lagerqvist - 27-10-2019


Have been training after off training about 2 weeks. How can I quickly ease my training over The winter?

RE: Training - TheEd - 28-10-2019

Hi Robin, have you done two weeks on the offtime?

if so, you can move onto the Build-up program if you want to

then, are there any events / races you want to participate in?