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7 weeks to a sub 45 10k - Aphill24 - 05-02-2020

Hi Ed, thanks for letting me join the forum. I am a regular runner but I've lost a bit of focus and really want to focus on a good time for the Cardiff Bay 10k in 7 weeks.

I started the programme last night with a 60 min easy run.  I had bad flu beginning of January so lost a little fitness but really going to follow the plan all the way to race day.

RE: 7 weeks to a sub 45 10k - TheEd - 07-02-2020

Hi Aphill, and welcome to the forums, apologies for missing the post, we don't receive an email of new threads started but should receive an email once we reply to your thread

is it possible to either run a 4k tomorrow or a park run

do not run flat out but try to register a time that we can work with to provide you the best training pace suitable for you

onwards TheEd

RE: 7 weeks to a sub 45 10k - Aphill24 - 10-02-2020

Hi Ed, I ran a 3k time trial in December 12:33. I had the flu beginning of the new year so lost a little fitness but back running again now. I am on day five and ran 1hr 35 yesterday although it was a little down on my normal easy pace as the weather was awful and getting back to fitness. Looking forward to 30 min easy today.
On day three I went to club where the session was 6 x 1k I ran these at an average of 4.24 or 7.10 m/m pace, again a little down on my normal 4.05 to 4.10 times.

RE: 7 weeks to a sub 45 10k - TheEd - 10-02-2020

Great stuff Aphill, give your body a chance to absorb the training. Don't worry too much about the pace while coming back now. The 2nd cycle should fair a lot better. Go through this cycle and do everything to avoid niggles or sniffles

good luck and enjoy


RE: 7 weeks to a sub 45 10k - Aphill24 - 14-02-2020

Thanks Ed, Feeling like i'm getting fitter this week. last night I went to club and did 6 x 1k with an average of 4:15. I did have a longer rest between efforts than normal though as the session covered 1200m for the group I usually train with. Feeling positive and great to be following a plan with feedback as It's giving me something to focus on rather than just turn up and train.

RE: 7 weeks to a sub 45 10k - TheEd - 14-02-2020

HI Aphill, the program does work, sometimes it takes a little adaptation, as well as avoiding getting sick and picking up injuries. The main process of the forums is motivation and to assist in teaching the athlete to manage themselves to the point where we become a sounding board Smile

onwards TheEd
ps.. have a great weekend

RE: 7 weeks to a sub 45 10k - Aphill24 - 25-02-2020

Hi Ed, I've completed one cycle and ran 22:51 at my parkrun on Saturday. It was into a strong wind for the first mile so not too disappointing. I will tinker with the programme this week as want to run a X/C on Sunday for my club. My speed session went well last Thursday as I averaged 6:59 speed for my efforts which was:
one mile 7.00
1200m 5.12
1k 4.15
800m 3.20
600m 2.25
400m 1.33

RE: 7 weeks to a sub 45 10k - TheEd - 26-02-2020

Hi Aphill, simply repeat week 3 in oreo for the XC

enjoy TheEd