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RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 05-07-2020


I did the 10 km race yesterday it was 42:43. It is good time for only 6 months training. I am satisfied for my first race I learned allot. It was very hard, maybe because of 27 C degrees.
4:11 160bpm
4:11 166 bpm
4:11 172 bpm
4:16 174 bpm
4:13 176 bpm
4:15 177 bpm
4:22 176 bpm
4:28 177 bpm
4:20 178 bpm
4:21 179 bpm

It was hard race, maybe heat get into me. Last 4 km I did avoid random children and people on the track, in my lane also. But hey, I learned allot. And yeah I run solo this race, my friends decided not to. Now I m planing to do some cross training with core exercises for body, what do you think? Should I coontinue to do running? I am happy with my results and progress in 6 months 19 40 5k and 42 43 10 k .

I am planing to do some 21 k races in October and in February 2021. What is the the difference in training, in bace builiding and cycles? I would love to get under 1:30 in februrary 2021.

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 06-07-2020

Hi Dominik, firstly congrats .. and now .. running 10k on your own is a tough call .. not something that is easily recommended but at least you have had the experience and there is no doubt that the next 10k with other runners should be better

If you looking to run21k's later, you need to increase your long run to 18k over the next few months ..

no need to go further than 18k currently

onwards TheEd

RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 06-07-2020

Hi TheEd

First of all thank you for your programe and feedback. If someone told me that I m going to run under 43 min 10 k and under 20 min 5 k with no previous running background and with 4 years of doing nothing after my swimming career, I would tell him that he is tripping, so it is nice feeling. But I am very motivated to pursuit my goals in running (under 40 min 10 k, under 1 30 HM).

So, me and my family are going to vacation on 19 th July for 2 weeks. Is it wrong to stop here and do some swimming and core, 30 min easy run here and there to keep conditioning and then from early August start a off period followed with build up? What are your thoughts on that? And above you mentioned that long run should be 18 k for HM preparation, this I should implement into cycle training and build up?Or only in cycle? And what do you think from next cycles on fall should I do some double training or is it too soon? And yeah one more thing, all easy session I ran at 125 bpm should i make it higher, like 130 avg or 140? My max hr is 189

Thank you


RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 07-07-2020

Hi Dominik, all good .. an ideal time to go through the off-period and then back into the build-up .. if you want to add cycling there is no harm .. when you come back to the 10k program proper then we need to maybe apply caution as to cycling and the 2k and 1k session ..

no need for 'doubles' plenty of time to build to that .. when you return you can keep the 1hr runs from the build up, and change the 30 to 40 minute easy runs all to 1hr instead .. this is a normal format .. so no need for anything more than that until you absorb the new workload

hope this helps and enjoy your family vacation


RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 08-07-2020

Hi TheED

I am sorry for misunderstanding me. I wont add cycling, I was reffering to 10 k cycle training. So plan is to get some active rest for about 3 weeks and then start the off time period and build up. So you are suggesting to do time off with all 1 hr runs with rest on days 4,9 and 13, did I understand correctly. How should build up look for HM, should I change anything, and what about hr? Should my runs be near 135- 140avg(my max is 189) instead of 120-125 bpm. My first 10k/21k cycle is planned to start 29th september, HM race is 25th October in LJUBLJANA(Slovenia).


RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 08-07-2020

Hi Dom .. OK .. thought you wanted to add cycling Smile ... the long run every 3 weeks should be increased to 18k .. the pace from the 10k allows you to cope with the half marathon distance .. as you develop you can build your long run up to 25k for future development but the long run increments must be developed by 2k at a time .. hope this makes sense

the long runs up to 18k .. the heart rate here .. if you go out 9k on an out and back route for instance .. then you go out at 140 bpm and when returning you can allow the pulse to rise by 5 bpm every 3k on the return, so the last 3k you can however just below 155 bpm .. this way you get the benefit of finishing stronger which is good mental development .. but what you must focus on over the last 3k is form .. good form maintains good speed / pace .. ask questions here

OK .. re: planned rest .. take your active rest and then move to the build-up training for two weeks .. then we chat and see where you are with everything .. it would probably be good to gt a few 10k cycles in as the 2000m session will prepare you well for the 21k

re: 1hr runs ... yes, in your days that there is an easy run of 30 to 40 minutes, those can become 1hr runs

hope this helps TheEd