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Help me understand my aerobic (Z2) zone better - zugrina - 02-07-2020

Hello TheEd,

From January of this year, I decided to start running more seriously.

I started with your sub 50 10k training plan.

In the past, I had a couple of runs here and there but not too often and without a training plan. Generally speaking, I'm a couch guy how wants to change a lifestyle finally. I'm male/31y old (173cm / 71kg).

My current PBs:

1K - 3:59 (probably could do 3:55)

5k - 23:59 (avg HR - 194)

10k - 49:50 (avg HR 183)

HM - 1:59:06 (avg HR 179, effort 8/10, I just wanted to test myself)

Volume since the beginning of the year:

January - Distance: 122.18 km / Time: 14:00:30

February - Distance: 171.87 km / Time: 19:46:10

March - Distance: 134.14 km / Time: 15:12:04

April - Distance: 206.83 km / Time: 23:21:20

May - Distance: 70.31 km / Time: 8:27:03

June - Distance: 102.62 km / Time: 11:28:07

Of course, after I increased weekly volume in April too quickly to 60km per week for 2 weeks in a row I got injury Sad

After HM I did not rest adequately but took just 1 day off and that cost me of knee bursitis (inner knee pain)

I'm trying to return to 5-6 days of the training regime and actually this is my first "official" week back after the injury so my focus is to build a base.

While I was off, I did Vo2max lab test so I could figure out my real HR zones.

I have 207bpm max HR (but I think this could be even 210) and as you can see I can hold 180 bpm during 2h run (HM).

Lab results:

Vo2max: 50.9

L1: 166 bpm (34,2 ml/kg/min)

L2: 180 bpm

The doctor said that I should keep my easy runs between 145 and 165bpm.

So my question is should I take my L2 as a base for my HR zone training?

This is what I would have if I go with L2:

Zone 1 - 117-143
Zone 2 - 144-159

Zone 3 - 160-170

Zone 4 - 171-179

Zone 5 - > 179

My current pace is 6:50-7:00km/min for easy runs. My current HR easy pace is around 140-149 depending on the weather. It's calculated by Garmin based on my max HR.

The thing is I can keep conversational pace while holding 150-155 bpm so I'm confused should I run faster on my easy runs or not?

I want to build a strong aerobic zone and keep improving (speed and distance) in running so any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

RE: Help me understand my aerobic (Z2) zone better - TheEd - 07-07-2020

Hi there zugrina and welcome to the forums

first off .. keep the easy runs closer to 145 bpm to start with .. the 10k program focuses more towards quality and if you have the intention to run HM, then increase the long run in week 1 to 18km .. the focus of the program is Day 3 to Day 8 and thereafter recovering and preparing to run quicker by the end of week 3

from your 5k time you should be able to improve with a little work ..

will await further feedback and learn more accordingly

ps.. will also chat further about heart rate and running pace