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endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 04-01-2021

Hi TheEd,

Thank you for an opportunity to join this community and your dedication to this page!

I've been running on and off for about 10years now, but seldom had any structure in my approach, going merely on a feeling. Now I'm feeling it's time to get more structured, and I'm hoping with some guidance from you I could gain an understanding of the various sessions and cycles to use those in my routines.

30 y.o, running 2-3 times/week with everything in  between 10-50km/week (again, no structure), long runs around HM. Total 1278km in 2020.

Mostly flat asphalt, trails a few times a month, some hills.

In terms of cross training - yoga, casual biking.

PB (accidental, during training runs):
10km 49:39
5km 23:25
HM 1:48
M (official time) 4:14

4km splits from December 31, 2020.

I was looking into starting sub45, but then after reading on here in the forum, realized it might be too high of a jump, so I might need to settle on sub50 for now, right?

For now I've scheduled the program starting on Tuesday (tomorrow), but my only concern is that every Tue there is a quality workout,  and normally I'm quite fatigued on those days as I have a heavy yoga session every Monday.  Do you think it would be a problem physically or only mentally?

Let me know if there is anything else you need to know.

Many thanks!

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 04-01-2021

Hi Stacy .. and welcome .. we look forward to seeing if we can provide some guidance and enjoyment for your running

what we will look to do is change your program to suit your current routine. We will do this with the intention that if you get some nice results you will look to change your structure accordingly, for now, we will play it by ear and structure the sessions in a little less structured routine

so, we will look to get you doing the first 2k session .. 3 x 2k at 4:50 to start with .. take a 90 second Rest as that will make the session tougher

if you able to do this Thursday then great

an easy 20 to 30 minutes run Tuesday and Rest on Wednesday

session Thursday normal weekend according to program and then we will move the 1k session to Wednesday

after your Monday do an easy 20 minute leg recover Tuesday

hope this works out and we take it from there


RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 04-01-2021

Hi TheEd,

great, thank you!

To make sure I'm getting everything right:

Tue   20-30min recovery
Wed  rest day
Thu   2k track session
Friday rest day in the initial program, shall I keep it this way or 20-30min recovery?
Sat   1h45m run, easy
Sun   30min easy
Mon  rest
Tue   20-30min recovery

Thank you again and will keep you posted.

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 06-01-2021

Hi Stacy .. Rest day Friday .. Saturday time on feet (up to 1hr 45) .. and go for a walk on Sunday Rest Monday .. then Tuesday easy run and once we have feedback we can go forward with the rest of the week

cheers TheEd

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 07-01-2021

Hi TheEd,

hope your week is going great!

Thought to give an update so far, not sure what data is more informative and relevant, so please let me know if there's anything missing.

Here it goes:

Monday:  rest

Tuesday: recovery 30min @6:00min/km
                  avg hr 134
*starting to understand the concept of a recovery run; after 30min felt all the muscles from Mon, definitely speeded the recovery process

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 3×2km@4.50 with 90sek rest
1km 4.49      hr 158
2km 4.46      hr 163
3km 4.49      hr155
4km 4.45      hr162
5km 4.44      hr157
6km 4.43      hr166
rest hr53, average during splits 160, max 172bpm
* fun, pace felt good.
challenging to find the target pace and keep it throughout without checking the watch too often.

That's it for now, will keep you posted!

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 08-01-2021

nice going Stacy .. if everything goes well we can look to do the 1k session Wednesday .. if all goes well

enjoy your weekend runs and take care


RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 09-01-2021

Hi TheEd,
Thanks, looking forward!

Today was a long run, felt great. A bit tight in the calves now afterwards,  which is very usual for me, so foam roll and trigger point ball are my best friends tonight.

Here are the details:

Friday: rest

Saturday: 1h50min trail run in the forest
16.87km 6:30/km
average hr142;  max 166bpm

*easy pace with a friend, talking, which naturally reflected in the hr readings. Walked uphill.

Plan for Sunday is walking and stretching.

Will come with an update next week.

Have a fabulous weekend,

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 12-01-2021

Hi Stacy .. hope your body has absorbed the training and you are looking forward to the 1k session


RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 12-01-2021

Hi TheEd!

Yes, definitely looking forward to the quality session tonight!

Shall I aim for 4:40-4:45 pace?  with 60 – 90 rest today?

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 13-01-2021

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner .. the 1k session is normally 5 to 10 seconds quicker than the 2k session

as you are adapting to the program, always start your repetitions off slower and build up, with experience you will know what to do in the future

hope all went well TheEd