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RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 13-01-2021

Hello TheEd!

Oh, no worries.  Sorry for the confusion,  I was editing the post in the morning and I guess messed the timeline. The track session was tonight, so your answer was just in time,thanks!

So, here an update :

Tuesday: 30min recovery
Wednesday: 5×1km, 4:40-4:45/km with 90sec rest
1 4:39 hr159
2 4:39 hr159
3 4:39 hr160
4 4:40 hr159
5 4:37 hr160
Felt fun and strong, can't say it was very controlled, as I was struggling to keep an even pace throughout. Was surprised by the supercompensating process, definitely an experience worth trying - feels like you're flying after each rest for some hundred meters! I guess a great discipline exercise to slow down and settle into the target pace.

Also, I might have done a mistake and sabotaged the program by jumping into an opportunity to practice tennis right after the track session...legs felt good during,  but super shaky afterwards. Hope for the fast and complete recovery until paced 5km

Thank you again for all your coaching and expertise!
Looking forward to the new week setup!

All the best and take care,

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 14-01-2021

Hi Stacy .. nice to have you going through the process .. as you develop you will decide what helps your running and what doesn't, all the while keeping things happy and balanced

getting pace judgement right, is what helps the most in achieving your goals further down the road

enjoy TheEd
ps.. easy recovery run Thursday and back to normal on the program thereafter

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 14-01-2021

Hi TheEd,

Thank for your feedback! So much learning to do...

I quick question though.

We moved the whole schedule by one day, didn't we?since we "officially" started the program on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  So the "race day" falls on Sunday and this week's paced 5km on Sunday as well instead of Saturday?

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 14-01-2021

Hi Stacy .. we only moved the 1k session day and then we proceed as normal with the program

if a race day is on a Sunday then we change the last 3 days before the event

are you planning a race day for a Sunday?


RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 14-01-2021

Oh I see, thanks for the clarification. I am yet to learn how all of these sessions are interconnected, so I appreciate your patience a lot.

Well, it's not a race race, more of a paced run with a couple of friends perhaps. But on Sunday, yes.

Then I'll be continuing as per original schedule,  coming back with updates and we will adjust final couple of days closer to the date I guess.

Thanks again!


RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 16-01-2021

Hi Stacy, in week 3 after the last faster session before the event we will change things

as you will probably do the last session on the Wednesday then we would run down to the event as follows:

Thurs: 30 minutes easy recovery

Friday: as per program Thursday

Sat: Rest day

all good TheEd

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 16-01-2021

Hi TheEd,
hope you're having a splendid weekend!

Today was the paced 5km workout. So much fun!
Had troubles settling into the pace, excessively relying on the watch and therefore getting distracted. The monkey brain was very busy, so I guess I'll have to work on that too, as well as pacing.

Anyhow,  here's the rundown.
Saturday: paced 5km
wasn't sure how fast one supposed to go, so I took a middle one, and aimed to sub24. Felt nice, not flat out, but comfortably challenging.

total 23:40
1 4:54 hr152
2 5:02 hr 159
3 4:36 hr162
4 4:42 hr165
5 4:25 hr174

A thought,
since there is fartlek next week, I think I'll be able to pull it off on Tuesday as per schedule,  so that I could have tennis on Wednesday without jeopardizing result of quality running workout. What do you think?

Then there will be Fartlek on Tue,
rest Wed,
recovery on Thursday&Friday,
rest Saturday and
race Sunday.

A question regarding Fartlek, 10km pace - which one would it be in my case? 4:50ish? I'm a little confused in all these numbers atm...

Also, what would be your recommendation on 10km race next week, how fast and how hard is reasonable to go?

Thanks again for your guidance and support!

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 19-01-2021

HI Stacy, yes, you can do the session on Tuesday .. when do you have the Monday sessions then, not every Monday? and Tennis Wednesdays

fartlek @ 4:50 pace sounds decent

as for the 10k, we don't recommend doing a 10k on your own and if on your own rather consider anything from 4 to 6km, and the intention is to set some form of a marker for yourself

onwards TheEd

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 20-01-2021

Hi TheEd,
hope all is well with you!

Apologies for not clarifying change of the equation.  Yes, Mondays are yoga, tennis on Wednesdays, which has been on and off recently due to the pandemic.
I just felt getting stronger along the way and Monday's effort doesn't seem to be as challenging as before, and also I felt I'd rather do a quality session being somewhat tired on Tue, rather than doing a quality session right before tennis on Wed, stressing the same system with all the footwork and risking an injury. Does that make sense or am I missing the point of the program?

Regarding not running 10km alone - very interesting! Would you mind sharing more on that subject? Is that because of the simulation is not the same on the biochemical level or pushing yourself alone can be dangerous?
A friend of mine agreed to pace me on Sunday,  would that qualify for a 10k race? I'm considering 4.45pace, but staying flexible and chill along the way, not pushing max.

Yesterday's fartlek...
Fartlek 4*5min w/1min easy
1.   1,11km pace 4:28 hr 162
2.   1,14km pace 4:24 hr 162
3.   1,13km pace 4:24 hr 165
4.   1,11km pace 4:28 hr 166

My intention was to stay focused and not check the watch too often, and somehow I went on my what it looks like 5k pace instead. Not sure if I got carried away or just reckless,  but I see I have a lot of learning myself to do, knowing my paces and also staying disciplined.
Overall workout felt great, the WU felt slow and tired, but after a few km got the feeling and enjoyed throughout.

Please feel free to share your honest coach thoughts, I would like to hear direct feedback.

Take care,

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 22-01-2021

Hi Stacy, we play it by ear in getting the program to work for the individual, our program is a framework however it is developed for the purpose of having the athlete ready for race day.

The structure from Day 3 to Day 8 is the most important, however in your case, you should get improvement if you don't have anything go wrong

there is not meant to be stress or pressure, you will find ways to make things work, especially if your running performance improves

so no hassles from our side and maintain the enjoyment