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RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 07-02-2021

Thanks coach, very well timed advice!

Have a great weekend,



RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 09-02-2021

Hi TheEd,

Here is the recent update:

Sunday rest
Monday yoga/rest

Fartlek 4*5min w/1min easy
1.   1,11km pace 4:27 hr 160 (max166)
2.   1,14km pace 4:26 hr 161 (max168)
3.   1,13km pace 4:24 hr 162 (max170)
4.   1,11km pace 4:18 hr 162 (max175)
Doesn't seize to amaze me how much energy the fast sessions give in return! Loving it.
Felt at the same time fun, challenging and controlled. The shoulder thing comes and goes, would say it's stress related, will work from that angle and trigger point it to release.

Have a few thoughts that I wanted to run by you.
There is no race planned for Sunday, also might be going skiing and ice-skating same weekend, so the question if I shall opt for a fast 5k on Sunday morning to shake things off and see where I am at? As much I would love to go all in -  I also want to seize the opportunity for some winter sports - as this doesn't happen so often in the southern Sweden. So I feel that whatever I run on Sunday is not going to be very demonstrative, as the form most likely won't be fresh, and the snow and ice on the roads don't make it fun either. What do you think?

Also, I've noticed that I have this habit of holding my left thumb inside the fist. At the same time my hr chest strap tells me that my ground contact balance fluctuates 0,5%. Is there any connection, or am I unconsciously compensating for some other imbalance?

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and coaching!
Kindest regards,

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 10-02-2021

Hi Stacy .. if you want to participate in a skiing event instead of running, then that is welcomed

the wife's training group is given skiing as part of their training program .. they are on the same structure as you and currently they ski probably around 30 to 40km a week

so skiing can be part of the program if you want

place your thumb on top of the index finger to see how things go (more or less between 1st and 2nd joint of the index)

ps.. I had no idea you were in the south of Sweden .. we lived in Ystad area for 5 years till 2011

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 19-02-2021

Hi TheEd,

Sorry for not getting back sooner, was and still trying to assess the situation.
Went alpine skiing on Friday for 7h straight,  adding to the fact that it was my first time doing it..super fun! Had the excruciating soreness on Sat, recovered a bit on Sunday, but still felt my muscles a little too much.
Yoga on Monday felt good, followed by recovery run on Tue. Tennis on Wed felt heavy on the legs, so yesterday, Thursday,  I started doubting myself and my intentions with the program. I thought to do the track session and then evaluate whether to take a rest or continue...
Track session in itself felt ok, controlled and fun, but heavy and my mind just wasn't on A game,  so that reduced the fun factor.  I felt my right calv from the inside before the session, didn't feel it during,  but felt very much afterwards and still do this morning.  It's stiff and sore, and I'm guessing it's recovery from tennis, so hopefully all good and will restore strength.

Overall I think I've definitely overtrained when skiing, and it's still lingering in the legs. So my dilemma now is whether to continue the program or take a rest followed up by build up. Considering now to come out for a long run tomorrow and evaluate then.
What can you see would be the best?

Here are the stats from yesterday:
Thursday track session
2k×3 with 90sek rest
1km 4.38      hr148
2km 4.39      hr155
3km 4.36      hr152
4km 4.29      hr158
5km 4.36      hr152
6km 4.24      hr161

Figured out the thumb thing. It's something I do as a reflex when tensed or grouped, as it's the way I hold steering wheel with my left hand on my bike when breaking. I've noticed the thumb placement for a bit more than a year ago, and that's exactly how long ago I got this particular bike. Funny how such a little thing affects the whole being. Being mindful of this now.

The weather here is getting warmer, so asphalt is back and winter sports are out of the picture for this year. It passes so quickly here ).
Ystad, small world, ha!? Skåne is great for running, all year around, most of the time ). Curious to hear more about your Swedish adventures, maybe you have shared it somewhere already?

Much appreciated,

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 19-02-2021

Hi Stacy, hope you feeling OK .. you will soon find out come the end of the weekend how the body is recovering Smile

safe running

Ps.. we lived on a farm in the Inglestorp area

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 21-02-2021

Hi TheEd,

I ended up taking a rest day yesterday and went for a long run this morning instead. Legs felt fresh, the run felt steady and controlled. Tomorrow yoga and rest, Tue track 1k session. Wednesday no tennis this week, so will take a recovery run with friends perhaps.  And onwards with the program!

asphalt, no stops this time, one chocolate bite on the go mid way.
21.20km 1h46m
avg pace 5:00
avg hr 150bpm (zone 2  1h30m)
Looking at the numbers (half marathon pb)  I would say I went maybe a tad too fast, but it felt right and fun ).

Have a splendid Sunday!

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 22-02-2021

Hi Stacy .. will definitely need to monitor yourself now .. ave HR was 150 bpm what was lowest and highest HR


RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 22-02-2021

Hi TheEd,

Oh no! anxiety creeping in after your assessment. Hope it's all ok.

Resting hr seems to be usual today, some sore muscles, but otherwise feeling good.

1   4.44   135        145
2   4.53   142        147
3   4.39   150        158
4   5.00   149        154
5   5.03   147        157
6   5.14.  147        152
7   5.11.  145        149
8   5.15.  145        152
9   5.12.  150        156
10 5.08.  149        155
11 5.05.  151        157
12 5.03.  155        162
13 5.01.  153        158
14 4.57.  149        155
15 5.10.  151        157
16 5.08.  154        163
17 5.03.  157.       165
18 5.00.  153.       158
19 4.51.  157        161
20 4.56.  158        166
21 4.36.  163        167



RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 22-02-2021

no Stacy .. no major concern .. you have moved to a new level .. have always envisaged this however I want to put a little warning into your mind that you must not run too quick too often

play with this a little .. from my years of coaching and before heart rate monitors were all the rage .. how would I provide pace for easy training runs etc ..

so here goes .. we take current 10k pace and add 1 minute .. so if the athlete runs 40 minutes for 10k, it is 4 minutes per k .. so 5 minutes per k for easy runs up to 1hr .. then longer runs over 75 minutes to 2hrs plus we look to add 1 minute 30 per k (max)

so from experience we have found 140 bpm (on average) is normally that easy run

now these are just guides it is all part of the framework

so with that said .. no need to be anxious but instead cautious .. watch your am pulse and hold back a little in sessions

and in closing .. in truth .. I would be more chuffed than anxious as you have undoubtedly moved to a new level Smile

onwards TheEd

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 24-02-2021

Hi TheEd,

Thanks a million for your words!! Made my day. And off course for your coaching,  wouldn't have gotten so far without you, thank you!
Such a mixed feeling though, I guess I've never seen myself as a disciplined neither fast runner, so sticking to the program and getting faster is quite an incredible feeling. Scary, but incredible.

Yesterday's track session was ok, slightly tired in my head and body still, but managed to gain focus and stick to the plan ish.

1k×5 with 90sek rest
 @4.35 to start with, not faster than @4.30
   pace   max hr    avg hr
1 4.29    161.         153
2 4.35    160.         152
3 4.34.   160.         151
4 4.26.   164.         154
5 4.28.   168.         155
avg hr during rest 123bmp

No tennis tonight,  so recovery run as well as on Thursday.

Have a great day,
Kindest regards,