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Time to improve - MMor - 08-05-2021


I just ran the 4k Time trial on the road this morning.

Splits: 3.50, 3.50, 4.05, 3.56 (a slight headwind on nr. 3)

Heartrate fluctuating 163-167. It was really hard, and I couldn't quite keep up the pace I started out with.

I've been running for 12+ years, and 6-7 years ago I had some decent racing times from 10km to the marathon.

But for the last maybe 5 years, I've pretty much retired into just jogging for 40-60 min each day. Injuries and general lack of motivation are to blame.

But the past doesn't matter. I want to look forward and try to settle into your program and hopefully improve my times drastically once again Smile

So, based on my 4K test,  I've figured out my 2K pace to be just around 4min pr km and will start the sub 40 min program the coming tuesday.

Sound ok?

RE: Time to improve - TheEd - 10-05-2021

welcome to the forums MM

sounds like a plan, the 2k session can be quite a brutal session on your own, so now would be a good time to recruit some training partners for the future 2k sessions

good luck and enjoy

ps.. good starting point ffrom your 4k time-trial

RE: Time to improve - MMor - 13-05-2021


So here's a little update:

Day 1: 70 min easy @ 4.51 (HR avg 135)

Day 2: 30 min v. easy - no watch

Day 3: 5 x 2 KM R 90

7.34 (HR end 158 - HR start next 110)

7.34 (161 - 113)

7.34 (165 - 115)

7.35 (166 - 120)

7.38 (166)

Well, very nice session. I was much faster than my TT indicated, but I haven't run any speed for years now, so I was extremely rusty during my TT last week, which might have explained the slow pace.

I ran on a 620m pancake flat asphalt loop, and it was great. Walk-back to start recoveries. I felt pretty comfortable throughout, but my hamstrings were  shot during the last two, which cramped my style. Aerobically I was in control, but the legs need some time to adjust to running faster again.

I'm happy about this session, and really looking forward to some recovery now. Of course, I need to reevaluate my pace for the 6 x 1 km session...I'll probably aim for 3.40 pace now.

RE: Time to improve - TheEd - 13-05-2021

Nice MM .. one word of warning now

most important thing you do is get the hamstrings to recover

cut the long run down to 1hr over the weekend

use the rest day to treat your legs

provide feedback around Sunday evening, so we can see how you progress

the idea is not to have a chronic hamstring problem develop

you look like you will get improvement naturally but the only thing that could hamper you seriously would be an injury

on we go and nice 2k session


RE: Time to improve - MMor - 16-05-2021


Day 4: Rest (very much needed Smile

Day 5: 12 km @ 5.02 (HR 129)
Hamstrings were very tight in the beginning, but they loosened up after a while. It was actually a pleasant easy run. But I could feel a lot of tightness back there the rest of the day.

Day 6: 7 km @ 5.10 (HR 127)
My normal sunday long run buddies frowned at me for quitting so quickly, but I told them that I'm taking a new and exciting direction in my training Smile
The tightness was almost gone and I felt reasonably good...but not 'let me do 6x1000' good. The run was super easy paced, and I feel like I'm getting close to being fully recovered. Tomorrow should feel 100% again, so I'm ready for tuesday.

Have a nice sunday,

RE: Time to improve - TheEd - 16-05-2021

Hi MMor .. if you do the 1k session, you must focus entirely on recovery after the session

good luck Smile


RE: Time to improve - MMor - 18-05-2021

Hi TheEd,

Day 7: 10 km @ 4.54 (HR 131).
Felt very good during this run, and was looking forward to my session.

Day 8: 6 x 1K R 60 sec.

3.45 (156 - 98)
3.39 (162 - 120)
3.40 (166 - 130)
3.38 (167 - 132)
3.37 (170 - 141)
3.35 (174)

I'm very happy with this session. Legs (hamstrings) felt great, and I was able to push myself and finish strongly (The last one was really tough, though Smile It's been many years, since I last saw a HR rating of 174...didn't think it was possible to push it way up there. Now for some recovery days and then a paced 5 km this saturday. In my head, I'm already planning to aim for around 19 min.

RE: Time to improve - TheEd - 18-05-2021

very nice session and great to hear legs are OK

look after yourself and enjoy the easy running