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Our Group training and changes to sessions - TheEd - 31-05-2021

Due to the nature of the programs being online and even if we provide the forums for feedback to achieve a more personalised effect, it sometimes doesn't happen due to the coach not being there to take in the visible data such as the heat on the day or how the athlete is feeling at that exact moment

So I hope to share and show some details which are different to what you may be doing and how to change things depending on the day and life's situations

Do note, the most powerful session in the program is the 5 x 2000m session, not much beats the gains from this session.

However, I have noted that with our group training that I do change the session according to circumstances, be they weather or the general well-being of the athlete.

Now, whereas I believe in the science of coaching and the program, I do believe my main success has come due to the art of coaching, where I am able to visibly monitor things by what I see from the visual feedback I receive from an athlete on the day

so, the plan is to maintain the structure of the program as the framework but to always be aware of what if happening in your day to day life

I share with you a little fun our older athletes have been having and how we have changed things to keep the enjoyment of running as a priority


RE: Our Group training and changes to sessions - TheEd - 24-06-2021

After chatting to RobS, I am placing a few variables to the training sessions that are part of the 10k program

10k pace
the 'traditional' 5 x 2000m is a monster session, this more than anything develops the athlete the most. Due to the 'stress' of this session it is recommended that you have someone to share the session with you

the distance run in training is 10k, so we shall provide some variations to this session, in case it is hot or you are not feeling 'up to' the 5 x 2k

1 x 2000m R90 then 2 x 1200m R90 1600m R90 1200m
1600 R90 1200m R90 1600m x 2 then finish with 1200m
2000m R90 then 2 x 1600m R90 1200m R90 800m then finish with 800m

for the 5k pace sessions, these are normally easier than the 2k session but for some variation you can try

4 x 1500m R90
1000m R60 then 5 x 800m R60 then 1000m

for the 10k pace session you look to achieve 10k in distance for the 5k pace session you look to achieve 6k in distance

hopefully this provides the variation needed or a break maybe from the monotony