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Sub-35min 10k - benb321 - 23-08-2021

Hi there

Thanks for sharing this plan - it looks really interesting. I am planning to start my first cycle tomorrow, in preparation for a 10k race I have boked in for 11th September. 

I have just a couple of questions for you though, to see if you think the plan is appropriate for me and if there are any adjustments you would recommend. To give you a quick background on my running, the last 10k race I did was January 2020 where I ran a time of 39:15 (I have only ever run about 3 10k races and each of them has been a PB). I have since done quite a lot more running and think I should be on track for a much better time (hence looking at this program!). I last ran a 5k TT in early April which was 18:07 - this felt pretty good at the time... I think I should have got a bit quicker since and also could push harder. In terms of distances, I have run up to 15miles on long runs but never raced anything longer than a 10k - I have usually held a pace of around 4:45 on this type of run and not felt 'too bad' afterwards if a bit stiff on the knees just after stopping. 

One thing I was a bit unsure of is the volume of miles - I only generally run about 40k a week at the moment, with usually 1 'hard' interval session and maybe a tempo and a long run. If i suddenly increase this to more like 70 this coming week, do you think I'm at risk of injury or not getting sufficient rest before the race?

The other thing is that I have a 5mile trail race on 1 September for my local running club. On that day I was supposed to be doing 40mins easy. Do you think I would be best jogging this with someone from the club, or would I get away with pushing the speed a bit during this race to try and climb the field a bit?

Finally, do you have any resources on training towards a sub-3hr marathon? I have never run a marathon, though people at my club reckon that I should be able to achieve a 'good for age' london marathon if I put in the training. It would be great to know how to get there and how long to give myself!

Many thanks,


RE: Sub-35min 10k - TheEd - 23-08-2021

Hi Ben and welcome to the forums .. lets see what we can do in such a short period of time.

I would highly recommend that you don't try to aim for a sub 35 minute 10k BUT you can start training on the sub 35 minute schedule and we change things to suit your needs

for this cycle we jumble things around and have you going towards the race feeling ready

you can do the 2k session on Thursday but only do 3 x 2k .. and start the pace off at 4 minutes for the 1st 2k and then take 10 seconds per k off the pace for each 2k thereafter

please give feedback and then we take it session by session avoiding overstretching oneself


RE: Sub-35min 10k - benb321 - 23-08-2021

Thanks! Will do the session for tomorrow through Thursday with the amendments suggested then report back to you.



RE: Sub-35min 10k - benb321 - 26-08-2021

Hi TheEd

Just to let you know I have completed the first 3 days:

Day 1 - I kept this very steady. Ran for just under 85 mins at an average pace of 5:13/km. Covered just over 16km. RPE was a 5-6 with average HR 132
Day 2 - Covered around 6.5km at a pace of 4:41/km - RPE 6 with average HR 143
Day 3 - Did the 3 x 2km as suggested. Struggled to control the pace initially, but averaged it out over the 2km splits to hit the goal paces. My splits were 7:55 (3:53, 4:02), 7:37 (3:45, 3:52), 7:19 (3:38, 3:41). RPE was a 7-8, max HR 177.

Keen to hear your thoughts on how I should take things from here?

I also had a question on the Saturday long run. If I go for 1.5hrs this is likely to be a pretty similar workout to day 1, is that intended or should I be doing different paces?

Many thanks,


RE: Sub-35min 10k - TheEd - 26-08-2021

Hi Ben .. nice 2k session .. now consider what the next cycle will be with the added 2 x 2k ..

keep the 1.5 hr run similar to Day 1 ... let's get through the new cycle with minimal fuss

you have the 6 x 1k session to look forward to where you will get an idea of pace and shape towards the 10k on the 11th

enjoy TheEd

RE: Sub-35min 10k - benb321 - 26-08-2021

Cheers - yeah I was glad to only be doing 3 reps!!

Great, will carry on through the program and then let you know my splits for the 6 x 1k session next Tues.

I will keep the trail race on Wednesday casual and run it at an easy pace...



RE: Sub-35min 10k - TheEd - 01-09-2021

Hi Ben .. enjoy the trail run today


RE: Sub-35min 10k - benb321 - 01-09-2021

Hi TheEd,

Thanks - unfortunately I'm not going to be able to run and am having an enforced break from training having contracted covid...

My last proper session was on Saturday - a nice long run of around 20km at a pace of 4:40/km and was feeling strong.

I will let you know as soon as I have recovered and am able to get back out training - still hopeful that I will be able to run the 10k race on 11th September, but imagine will be shooting for a considerably slower time than I would have otherwise.


RE: Sub-35min 10k - TheEd - 02-09-2021

Hi Ben .. take it easy and stay safe

recover well and we will soon be back to running


RE: Sub-35min 10k - benb321 - 04-09-2021

Thanks TheEd

I’m recovering well fortunately and am hoping to be back running on Monday.

Assuming that goes to plan, how would you recommend preparing for the race next Saturday?

I was thinking to ease back in with a steady 10k, then maybe do the 6 x 1k session and another 1 or 2 light runs. Would that seem sensible?