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need some advices please - lassen - 17-02-2011

hi again. this weekend im thinking to run 5 km race because i couldnt find any 10 km race around home the onley i can run is 5 km what do u think of that? cheers

need some advices please - lassen - 05-03-2011

how are you doing? hope u having a good weekend.

just to let you know that today i have run 6 km hilly a bit. wasnt good though as i run 21. 35 sec i have run hard but my legs still to heavy and my speed far away from what i used to. but other ways its good to be back again to racing as havent for long. what do you think about the time? hope to hear from u soon cheers.

need some advices please - TheEd - 06-03-2011

the 21 minutes is not bad and shows progression

do keep things calm and under control and after a few more weeks you should start moving to a new level

just don't rush the process

let the natural development take place so the natural ability can be enhanced



need some advices please - lassen - 06-03-2011

thanks very much man.