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Build up - Cursor - 30-01-2011

Hei TheEd

Aloitin uuden aiheen build upille.

Tämä oli 4. viikko build upia, ja varmaan kaikista raskain viikko. Olen ollut tosi väsynyt noin yleisesti ja jalat ovat tuntuneet raskailta tunnin lenkkien loppupuolella. Ohjeittesi mukaan olen pitänty vähän extra lepoa, ja tänään sitten jaksoin hyvin juosta 90 minuuttia Smile Muuten viikko oli tällainen:

Ma: Lepo
Ti: 1 h - keskisyke alle 140
Ke: 1 h - keskisyke alle 140
To: Lepo
Pe: 1 h - keskisyke 138
La: Lepo
Su: 90 min - keskisyke 136

Seuraava viikko alkaakin huomenna levolla. Sitten taas "täysillä" eteenpäin Smile

Terveisin, Cursor

Build up - Cursor - 01-02-2011


Tänään juoksin 1 tunnin kevyen lenkin (keskisyke 135), josta viimeiset 15 minuuttia vähän reippaammin (keskisyke 146). Jalat jaksoivat hyvin sunnuntain 90 minuutin juoksun jälkeen Smile

Terveisin, Cursor

Build up - TheEd - 01-02-2011

This is good to read, adapting to the workload is looking promising


Build up - Cursor - 02-02-2011

64 minutes of easy running today. Average heart rate 134 bpm - nice and relaxed.

Tomorrow 5x8 minute intervals. Legs are feeling pretty okay after 2 days of consecutive running Smile


Build up - Cursor - 03-02-2011

Hi there

I did my quality session this morning.

5min warm up then each 8min interval at 163 bpm.

I had not planned such a pace .. had thought more or less just above 155 bpm, like last time I did this session. But I found a nice rhythm at 163 bpm and kept it at that. It was in a way a tough session but I still felt strong at the end of it and picked up the pace for the last 4 minutes. And I still could have carried on running ..

I am very pleased with today's session. Although, it reminded me of what is to come when the 5x2K sessions start Wink

Rest day tomorrow Big Grin


Build up - TheEd - 03-02-2011

The strength from the Build Up is beginning to affect

great to see the development


Build up - Cursor - 06-02-2011

Hi Ed

This week's training has been going according to the schedule.
Friday was a restday, Saturday I did 45 minutes at a slightly higher tempo. I ran the hills and fought against wind Smile
Today's long run was 75 minutes at average 142 bpm pace.

I feel that I am getting stronger and that the training has gone well this week.

Have a good week!

Build up - Cursor - 07-02-2011


I did 30 minutes (instead of 60 mins) of very light running today as was instructed. Legs were feeling slightly tired after yesterday's long run, which was higher in tempo than my previous long runs.

I hope today's run was of help and tomorrow's run will be run on lighter legs Big Grin


Build up - Cursor - 08-02-2011

Hi Ed

My 60 minutes with 15 minutes at higher tempo went well, and legs were feeling better than yesterday Smile


Build up - Cursor - 10-02-2011

Hi there

Yesterday I did an hour of very relaxed running.
Today I did 5x8 minute intervals. I ran the intervals with a heart rate of 163-164 bpm. I went through stages where I found them quite tough but by concentrating on the rhythm of running and breathing they went well, and was able to inrease tempo towards the end.

6 days of consecutive running! I am very pleased with this, and pleased to note that it is Friday and a rest day tomorrow Big Grin