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Getting Started on Training Plan - amorts - 01-04-2008

Dear Ed,

I have been training consistantly without any real structure before coming across you site.

I haven't raced since early February 2008 in which I completed a 10 mile road race in 1:13:14. I completed 3 10k's and half marathon last year and I am looking to improve my 10k times by obtaining at least a sub 40 in my next 10k race on May 5th.

After reading all the relevant information on your website I decided to go out and run a 5k time trial to gain an understanding of how I am currently performing.

My 5k time trial time was 19:21. Base upon your calculations on this site I should be looking at 5 x 2000m at 4 min per k and then reducing it by 10 secs for the other workouts.

I am 5 weeks away from the race at the moment and I can see your plan is a 3 week one. My concern is I dont want to leave it too late to see any progression in my times but I also don't want to peak to soon and suffer burn out on, (or before!) race day.

I probably should mention that my time trail was carried out on the road using, and I am 25.

Any advice you have would be really appreciated!


Getting Started on Training Plan - TheEd - 02-04-2008

Welcome amorts

you are going towards the 10k in 5 weeks time. I wouldn't expect immediate results from the program (it does not mean it isn't achievable) .. the cycle normally takes at least 3 turns before the benefits are realised.

Lets get straight into things .. and we play it by ear to see how you respond to the 2k sessions and the 1000's ...

when did you do the 5k time-trial? .. if around Monday or even yesterday .. then it is more or less fine

start with the 5x2k on Thurs ... stick to 4mins per K .. do not go faster .. if you have a heart rate monitor .. then please record your pulse range

OK .. will wait for your reply


Getting Started on Training Plan - amorts - 03-04-2008

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the fast response. For the record I did my time trial on Tuesday.

In preparation for my 5 x 2k tonight I went out and bought a heart rate monitor so I could focus my training and post the data on here.

I write after my run and I am so frustrated! I had to stop just before the half way point as I had a really bad stitch. I am not sure what caused this and this is certainly not a common accurance for me. I usually have a piece of fruit about 5, 10 mins before my evening training sessions but don't typically train at such a pace, also I am not used to wearing the heart rate monitor belt around my chest to I'll put it down to the fruit for now and leave more time between eating and starting before my next session.

I started way too fast and reached the 1st 4k after 6:40. On the way back I slowed down to try and hit the 4min per k pace, plus I didn't want to tire too quickly.

The time for the 2nd 2k was 7:05. Soon after starting the 3rd leg the cramping in my stomach was really painful and although trying to run it off I had to call it a day which is really annoying as I was starting to get into a rhythm and was finding it easier than I though to hit the 4min per k mark with the rests involved. I can definetly see the benefits in this approach to training.

Final data:
Total Workout time: 18:38
Distance Completed: 4.3k (Estimate)
Average Heart Rate 171 bpm

Getting Started on Training Plan - TheEd - 04-04-2008

amorts don't panic too much next time will be better

the 5x2000m is beautiful, wonderful session :p

it truly makes the runner

you grind those sessions out every 3 weeks and you will see the difference in your pace judgement improve

after a few 2000m sessions the 6x1k are fun

We look forward to further feedback

do not get too excited, your next session of importance are the 6x1000 on Tuesday

for now lower your intensity over the next number of days, simply roll through the sessions without trying to achieve much

lower intensity and don't do too long a run on Sunday

Till later


Getting Started on Training Plan - amorts - 08-04-2008

Hi Ed,

I successfully completed my 6x1000m session with 60 second intervals at 3:50 per km pace.

I found I had to really push to make the pace from the 4th km until the end but I was able to just make the pace each time.

My feeling for this pace is improving and I made sure I didn't set off too quick.

Average HR for the session 171.

Any ideas what to continue doing for the rest of this week would be apprieciated.


Getting Started on Training Plan - admin - 09-04-2008

Hi amorts in order for us to assist you better you will need to break down your data gathering from your pulse monitor more effectively

It is most important that you record your heart rate after each 1000m and how your heart rate drops during the 60 second rest, this is most important

so when providing feedback it can be provided as such

1. time - pulse at end

Rest 60 - pulse at end of 60 seconds

2. same format

once you start practising this you will see all the various changes etc and from that we can work towards a whole bundle of other things from pulse for easy runs - tempo runs etc

If things are right, Then you are in your 2nd week?

this Saturday you have 3 weeks to race day?

Thur. 1hr with pulse up to 155bpm

provide feedback

If all the week numbers are correct you will run with one 18 day cycle to your race



Getting Started on Training Plan - amorts - 09-04-2008

Today I am on day 9 of the plan.

My race is on Monday 5th May. So there is 3 and a half weeks to go.
Based on this info I will finish the current cycle on 19th April.

I will try to break down my hr into more detail for you.

Thanks again

Getting Started on Training Plan - admin - 09-04-2008

OK great stuff

You will restart the cycle next week which means doing the

2000's on Thursday and the following week the 6x1000 on Tuesday

This week follow the program

Thur: 1hr run up to 155bpm .. this means your pulse shouldn't go above 155 and you should look to not have it below 140 ..

monitor your pulse when going uphills as that feedback can determine a number of fitness aspects related to strength and overall conditioning

once you learn more things you are able to then apply what you have learnt to race conditions, where if your pulse jumps very high during training on the hills then you know not to push too much on the hills during a race, so as to conserve energy for the latter parts

Hills are part of the cycle but I would only suggest concentrating on such things after your race

Sat: train according to week1 of cycle

Sun: as per week 1

Mon: as per week 1

Tue: 1hr similar to Thursday session

Wed: recovery

Thur: 5x2000 session and then continue with rest of cycle

Lots to learn and exciting times ahead for you


Getting Started on Training Plan - amorts - 11-05-2008

Thanks for all your advice. I followed your plan, although I did mix it up a little with a 5k time trial 3 weeks before the race in which I ran 18:55.

The race was last weekend and I ran 40:20, which I am pleased with but I mentally I feel I can go faster again with the right training.

I enjoy running the 5k time trial and this is on each Saturday morning. I am also going to join a athletics club who run a steady 5-7 miles on a Monday and then interval training on the track on Tuesday.

I want to bring my 5k time down as close to 15 mins as I can possibly get it and the 10k time down towards 35 mins.

Taking into account the above commitments how would you suggest I structure my other training days?

Thanks again

Getting Started on Training Plan - TheEd - 11-05-2008

Amorts, nice going

realistic 5k time in line with a 35min 10k is around 17mins

don't get the bit between your teeth too much and go too galloping crazy

These 10k schedules have been designed and used in a true squad training environment over a period of years, other than slight alterations according to ability we have had runners on similar schedules who have achieved sub 29min 10k's

The squad consisted of around 30 athletes of all ranging abilities

the 3 week cycle allows for a paced run on the 2nd Saturday and a race every 3 weeks

doing a 5k time-trial every week is not part of this 10k schedule, during all the years none of the athletes did this on a Saturday and we did have over a 90% success rate, these programs work.

Whereas the 5k time-trials can be fun and enjoyable try fit them into your schedule instead of changing the schedule to accommodate the 5k.

Let me know your thoughts?