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Smith Success, Adams Award and other NZ news - Newsroom - 15-02-2011

see here - Smith breaks New Zealand Half record

New Zealand Combined Events Championships, Tauranga Domain – 12/13 February 2011
Delhi Commonwealth Games decathlon silver medallist Brent Newdick collected his fifth New Zealand decathlon title at Tauranga over the weekend.
With the title the main factor and the score irrelevant Newdick completed a satisfactory two days of competition scoring a total of 7296 points for the ten events.
This is well short of his personal best of 8091 which ranked him 18th in the world last year.
“I’ve come through 100 per cent, it was a good blow out I got the title and it was an enjoyable weekend,” said Newdick.
“It reminded me of why we are there, I’m now into the sharp stuff as I’m three months away from when I really want to compete,” he added.
Newdick said that he tried the rotation technique in the shot put for the first time.
“I will improve with that technique,” said Newdick who had the shot out to 13.45m.
His best performance came in the long jump with a leap of 7.01m (0.0) for 816 points. His next best was the 110m hurdles clocking 15.47s (-0.7) for 794 points.
Anyone wanting to lose weight should take up the decathlon, over the two days Newdick says he would have lost between 2kg and 4kg in weight.
Former national champion Scott McLaren of Counties was second with 7036 points with Callum McConachy of Palmerston North third with 5433.
Sarah Cowley won her third national women’s heptathlon title with a score of 5752 points. Portia Bing was second with 4885 points.
Senior Men: Brent Newdick (NHB) (100m 11.32s (+0.1) 791 points, long jump 7.01m (0.0) 816, shot put 13.45m 695, high jump 1.89m 705, 400m 51.10s 765, 110m hurdles 15.47s (-0.7) 794, discus throw 43.29m 732, pole vault 4.40m 731, javelin throw 53.09m 634, 1500m 4m 47.63s 633) total 7296 1, Scott McLaren (CM) 7036 2, Callum McConachy (Palm/Nth) 5433 3.
Men19: Cody Thomas (Marlb) (11.36s (-2.4) 782, 6.22m (0.0) 635, 11.74m 591, 1.95m 758, 50.39s 797 17.23s (-1.2) 600, 33.18m 527, 2.90m 333, 45.53m 523, 4m 58.93s 566) total 6112 1, Pascal Kethers (NHB) 5757 2, Phil Simms (Ham) 5705 3.
Masters Men: M40 Peter Ranginui (Whak) 4564 1, Rene Otto (Whak) 1679 2. M45 Stephen Te Whaiti (Tga) 5928 1, Wayne Doyle (Sth Cant) 5436 2, Dave Rondon (Whak) 3703 3. M55 Earl Crowley (Paku) 3317 1.
Men16: Luke Davison (Tga) (100m 11.94s (+2.5) 663, long jump 6.10m (0.0) 608, shot put 13.49m 697, 400m 53.15s 675, 110m hurdles 16.88s (-1.6) 637, high jump 1.85m 670, javelin throw 53.28m 637, 1000m 2m 44.56s 823) total 5410 1, Mackenzie Haugh (Otago) 4889 2, Alex Colvin (Tga) 4722 3.
Senior Women: Sarah Cowley (NHB) (100m hurdles 14.10s (+1.6) 964, high jump 1.75m 916, shot put 12.93m 723, 200m 25.58s (+1.2) 834, long jump 6.03m (0.0) 859, javelin throw 37.15m 613, 800m 2m 18.58s 843) total 5752 1, Portia Bing (NHB) 4885 2, Tracey Hale (Ham) 4233 3.
Women19: Vianca Du Toit (NHB) (16.88s (+1.6) 610, 1.60m 736, 6.44m 299, 27.91s (+1.2) 638, 4.80m (0.0) 506, 19.90m 287, 2m 47.43s 491) total 3567 1.
Women16: Paige Harwood (Pak) (15.73s (+1.0) 748, 1.63m 771, 10.17m 541, 27.02s (+0.3) 710, 5.20m (0.0) 614, 27.72m 434, 2m 33.59s 649) total 4467 1, Davina Hamaan (Germany) 4229 2, Ashleigh Sando (Taupo) 4007 3, Amy Robinson (Greer) 3893 4..

Brisbane Track Classic incorporating TT21 contest, Queensland Sports and Athletic Centre – 11 February 2011
Delhi Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Andrea Miller went close to her New Zealand record of 13.10s in winning the 100m hurdles in 13.15s at the Brisbane Track Classic meeting at the Queensland Sports and Athletic Centre.
This equals the B standard for selection to the World Championships in Korea in August.
Veronica Torr from North Harbour was third in 13.85s.
Alex Jordan of Nelson improved on his season’s top ranking position with third place in the 400m in 46.92s. Glen Ballam of Southland consolidated his second placing behind Nick Willis in the national 800m rankings this season finishing eighth in the 800m in 1m 50.15s.
New Zealand performances:
400m: Alex Jordan 46.92s 3, Tyler Collings 49.99s 10.
800m: Glen Ballam 1m 50.15s 8, Julian Oakley 1m 53.12s 10.
High jump: Billy Crayford 2.10m 6.
100m: Kelsey Berryman 12.53s (+0.2) 8.
1500m: Hannah Newbould 4m 20.44s 2.
100m hurdles: Andrea Miller 13.15s (+0.4) 1, Veronica Torr 13.85s 3, Berryman 14.59s 5.

Athletics, Mt Smart Stadium – 12 February 2011
National 200m sprint champion Andrea Koenen moved up to the 400m with a startling result at Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday.
The 21 year old covered the lap of the track in 54.81s to lead the New Zealand rankings this season.
Koenen said that she was really pleased with her effort, which takes her into the top 20 all-time New Zealand women’s list.
“I think the last time I did one about two years ago it was 57 seconds,” she said.
However the new found distance does not mean that Koenen will be competing over the longer race this season.
“Not quite yet, I have to do a 4 by 400 metre relay in two weeks time in Christchurch, so my coach wanted me to just get one out of the way,” said Koenen.
“I’ll definitely start doing them in the next few seasons.”
In the meantime it is full on to defend her 200m title and improve on her second placing last year in the national 100m at the New Zealand championships in Dunedin at the end of next month.
Koenen had earlier sharpened up for the 400m winning the 60m dash into a strong head wind in 7.75s (-3.6).
Katrina Anderson was second in the 400m in 57.66s. Frazer Wickes won the senior men’s 400m in 47.76s.
Katie Wright led from start to finish in the 1500m to clock a fast 4m 24.63s, four seconds ahead of Lydia O’Donnell with Erin Montgomery third in 4m 33.86s.
Alex Parlane held out Aunese Curreen to win the 1500m in 3m 56.06s.
Nneka Okpala cleared 12.62m (+5.8) in the triple jump. Carl Van der Speck won the 100m in 11.19s (-5.7).
On Saturday morning at Sovereign Stadium Damian Smuts had the hammer out to 55.67m. Millie McNie won the women’s hammer with 48.05m, Ella Pilkington in second established a PB of 40.28m and Althea Mackie also had a PB of 38.13m.
O’Hagan’s Viaduct Harbour 5km Series – 8 February 2011
Andy Hughes won in 16m 52s from Craig McLean 17m 4s.
Takapuna 5km Rat Race, Milford – 9 February 2011
Simon Christiansen won in 16m 33s, Nicola Davies was the first woman in 22m 30s.

Eastside 5km River Run – 8 February 2011
Phil Murray won in 16m 33s, Helen Hall was the first woman in 20m 54s.

New Zealand Masters Games
10km Road Race 6 February: fastest times men: Paul Forster 50-54 36m 34s, women: Sally Gibbs 45-49 36m 28s.
Cross Country 8 February: fastest times men: Robert Conder 35-44 27m 46s, women: Sally Gibbs 45-49 30m 9s.

Gold programme, Newtown Park – 12 February 2011
Tim Hawkes won the 200m in 23.26s and the 400m in 51.84s. The 3000m went to M16 Kieron McDonald in 9m 7.56s. Stephen Day won the 10,000m in 33m 59.61s. In the triple jump Anna Thomson W16 was out to 11.17m (+1.3) and Scott Thomson M19 14.38m (+1.7). Ryan Tinkle had the senior hammer out to 55.71m. In the 5000m track walk Peter Baillie recorded 26m 47.46s and Terri Grimmett 32m 16.69s.
Lifestyle Sports Waterfront 5km Series – 8 February 2011
Andrew Wharton won in 17m 5s, two seconds ahead of Jason Waite. Terri Grimmett won the 5km walk outright in 31m 50s.

Athletics QEII Stadium – 12 February 2011
Nicki McFadzien recorded 9m 47.88s for 3000m. In the sprints Tim Jones was clocked at 10.72s (+1.9) over 100m and 21.93s (-2.4) in the 200m. Nick Smith was second on both occasions in 10.78s and 22.27s. Hayden McLaren won the 800m in 1m 50.52s from Malcolm Hicks 1m 52.35s and Brett Tingay 1m 55.67s. Hazel Bowering-Scott won the 100m in 12.56s (+0.9) and was second in the 200m in 25.34s (-1.3). Rebecca Gibson won the 200m in 25.29s (-1.3).
In the field events Hannah Keenan W19 triple jump 10.59m (-0.1) and hammer throw 44.05m, Mackenzie Keenan W16 triple jump 10.49m (-1.2), Hayden Hall M19 shot put 14.09m and discus 47.56m, Jesse Bryant M16 long jump 6.34m (0.0), Nicolas McGrath M16 shot put 14.46m and discus 45.13m, M16 javelin Freddy Faull 46.72m.
Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series – 8 February 2011
Kerry Faass won in 15m 16s, From Carsten Joergensen 15m 32s and Glynn Hadley 15m 47s. Nicki McFadzien was the fastest woman in 16m 41s with Tracy Crossley running 18m 9s and Alexandra Williams 18m 24s.
International Track Meet, 26 February 2011
Noted American marathon runner Alberto Salazar will now join Nick Willis’ coach Ron Warhurst in a marathon coaching clinic to be now held on Friday 25 February at the Function Room QEII Stadium at 6pm. Ticket price to attend $20, discounted to $10 for Canterbury registered coaches and athletes. Tickets are available from the QEII Swim Shop or online:
Athlete entries for the International Track Meet close at 5pm on Tuesday 15 February. Go to the above site for details.

Dr Donnis Thompson Memorial, Honolulu Hawaii, 5 February 2011, Te Rina Keenan shot put 1st 13.08m.

Valerie Adams named Sportswoman of the Year
see here - Valerie Adams named Sportswoman of the Year

Bill Baillie admitted to the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame
see here - Bill Baillie admitted to the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame

Smith Success, Adams Award and other NZ news - Newsroom - 15-02-2011

Athletics, Caledonian Stadium – 5 February 2011
Otago 3000m championships; W19 Rebekah Greene 9m 35.28s, SM Daniel Balchin 8m 25.26s Callan Moody 8m 26.26s Dougal Thorburn 8m 38.97s.
In the M19 3000m Shaun Burgess of Southland ran 8m 53.84s. Greer Alsop of Southland won the W16 triple jump 11.93m (+0.1) (Southland W16 and W17 record) and the high jump 1.65m. Charlotte Muschamp of Southland won the W19 triple jump 11.81m (+1.3) and the high jump 1.65m.
Jesse Porter M16 javelin 49.95m and Hannah Blair SW javelin 41.93m. John Gilmour M19 long jump 6.45m (+1.3). Jerram Huston SM shot 14.07m and Hamish Finnie M19 shot 14.83m. Blair Grant M16 100m 11.60s (+2.1), Anna Smythe SW 100m 11.92s (+1.2), Andrew Whyte M19 200m 22.79s (0.0) and 400m 49.61s. Andrew Moore SM 400m 47.36s, Daniel O’Shea 48.42s. Ethan Campbell M16 400m 53.28s. Anna Kean W16 1500m 4m 51.05s. Roseanne Robinson 3000m walk 14m 49.36s.
Athletics, Caledonian Stadium – 12 February 2011
Anna Smythe won the 100m in 12.05s (+0.6), with Lauren Wilson winning the W19 100m in 12.49s (+0.6) and the 200m in 25.36s (-1.0). Fiona Hely won the senior 200m in 25.91s (-1.0). The M19 200m went to Andrew Whyte in 22.43s (-1.0). In the 800m Kellie Palmer won the senior in 2m 11.62s, Anna Kean the W16 in 2m 18.11s Daniel Balchin the senior men in 1m 55.03s.
Christina Taylor recorded 7m 12.38s in the W19 2000m steeplechase.
In the field events Marshall Hall won the discus with a throw of 49.32m, Nicole Bradley the W19 hammer 40.22m and Dean Rusbatch M16 hammer 51.44m.

Masters meeting, Kensington Park Whangarei – 6 February 2011
Barbara Austin (66) set a New Zealand masters W65 hammer throw record of 30.29m and a weight (5.449kg) throw W65 record of 11.31m. Competing in the W50-54 age group Naylor Stepforth set a Northland record of 9.83m.

Meyo Invitational, Notre Dame Indiana, 4/5 February 2011, Terefe Ejigu 3000m 1st 8m 8.58s, Camille Buscomb mile 8th 4m 52.08s, Alice Feslier Holmes 800m 21st 2m 15.81s and 1000m 13th 2m 56.56s, Simon Rogers 800m 8th 1m 52.18s and 1000m 3rd 2m 25.17s.
Yale Giegengack Invitational, New Haven Connecticut, 5 February 2011, Alex Wallace 1000m 2m 27.00s. Olivia Burne mile 4m 56.93s.
Middle Tennessee Classic, Murfreeboro, Tennessee, 5 February 2011, Daniel Jones 5000m 5th 15m 13.64s.
Howie Ryan All-comers, Houston Texas, 5 February 2011, Kiri Kendall HJ 4th 1.60m, LJ 8th 5.50m, TJ 5th 11.50m.
Fazoli Baymont Invitational, Joplin Mo Missouri, 4/5 February 2011, Paula Whiting mile 1st 4m 46.93s, Melanie Cleland mile 2nd 5m 3.05s. Katherine Camp 600 yards 1st 1m 26.64s. Josie Wilcox 3000m 1st 9m 53.54s.
New Balance Collegiate Invitational, New York 4/5 February 2011, Rochelle Sceats 5000m 15th 17m 9.65s.
Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational, Bob Devaney Sports Centre, Lincoln Nebraska, 4/5 February 2011, Tim Cornish mile 6th 4m 12.60s.
Boston University Valentine Invitational, 11/12 February 2011, Julian Matthews became the 34th New Zealander to break four minutes for the mile after finishing 4th in 3m 58.57s. Lucy Van Dalen won the 3000m in 8m 56.77s, Holly Van Dalen was 10th in 9m 33.26s and Rochelle Sceats 17th in 9m 46.71s. Olivia Burne 10th in the 1000m in 22m 53.11s. Hayley Green 22nd mile 4m 57.95s, Laura Sinclair 39th in 5m 4.50s. Annie Keown 3rd 5000m 16m 10.52s, Dominic Channon 3rd 3000m 8m 8.08s.
Husky Classic, Dempsey Indoor Facility University of Washington 11/13 February 2011, Hugo Beamish 5000m 1st heat 4 in 13m 51.60s. Mathew Mildenhall 3000m 1st heat 5 in 7m 57.40s.
Grand Valley State University Big Meet, Allendale, Michigan 11/12 February 2011, Terefe Ejigu 1st mile 4m 4.88s, Simon Rogers 6th 4m 7.35s, Dallas Bowden 13th 4m 11.82s. Brendon Blacklaws 28th 3000m 8m 40.27s. Camille Buscomb 6th 3000m 9m 42.94s. Alice Feslier Holmes 25th mile 5m 1.86s.
Tyson Invitational, Randal Tyson Track Centre, Fayetteville Arkansas 11/12 February 2011, Paula Whiting 2nd 3000m 9m 19.01s, Melanie Cleland 4th mile 4m 56.93s, Lauren Fayen 15th 5m 8.18s. Josie Wilcox 15th 3000m 9m 53.11s.

Dr Donnis Thompson Memorial, Honolulu Hawaii, 5 February 2011, Te Rina Keenan shot put 1st 13.08m.