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Marathon in Treviso - The garden of Venice - TheEd - 10-03-2011

The countdown begins! Italy is waiting for you: 27 March 2011. Run your Spring Marathon in Treviso!

One of the fastest race courses in Italy. A large crowd will support you along the course up to the finish line turning your marathon in an exciting and unique experience.

Treviso marathon waits for you on 27 March 2011. The marathon represents the right occasion to visit such a unique area, in the heart of Veneto, the most touristic region of Italy.

Treviso is also known as "The garden of Venice". It stands just 30 kilometers far (30 min. by train)from the wonderful lagoon city.

The Marathon in Treviso is a 42 kilometers lasting emotion. One more reason to let it be your spring goal!

25 nations represented. All five continents will run in Treviso on 27 March.

Furthermore, at the Expo Marathon in Vittorio Veneto, city that hosts the Startline, you will have the chance to meet Stefano Baldini, Olympic champion in Athens 2004.

Subscribe now! The deadline to enter the race is 17 March.