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Sub 40min 10K - Cursor - 15-03-2011

Hi Ed

New training programme - new thread

I did 40 minutes of easy running yesterday and today 6 x 1K session. The expected pace was 3:55 min/km.

As I normally start way too quickly, I thought I would try to take it easy on the first km today .. and a bit too easy it went .. the second one went too fast .. so my pace judgement is not quite there yet. Rest of the session went better. Here are the splits:

4:00 3:48 3:53 3:54 3:53 3:56

I found the session quite tough today (well, tougher than I had expected with that pace), so I look forward to 2 consecutive days of 1h easy runs Wink


Sub 40min 10K - TheEd - 16-03-2011

still a good session and definitely moving forward


Sub 40min 10K - Cursor - 23-03-2011

Hi Ed

Last week's training went as planned. Did a 3.8 km paced run on Saturday (15:22), and hour on Sunday.

As I mentioned, I have found my runs tougher than normal. Even the heart rate is higher and I struggle to keep it under 140. What ever 'bug' I had in my system few weeks ago I don't think has completely left me yet.

I took a rest day on Monday, ran easy for an hour on Tuesday (legs felt tired after). As discussed, I am taking another rest day today and hopefully feel fresh for the 2000m session tomorrow.

Have a good day!