adidas adizero tempo Eyewear Review

adidas adizero tempo Eyewear Review

  • Lightweight
  • Snug Fit
  • Effective

adidas adizero small frame

Time-to-Run adidas adizero tempo Eyewear – Piia Doyle tested the adidas adizero tempo, small frame eyewear. The sunglasses are designed to settle and fit lightly on the user’s face allowing for protection from the sun while training and racing.

Product: adidas adizero tempo
Size: large and small
Weight: 22 g
Price: approx. 120 € / 110 £ / 160 $

Features: Without any compromise adidas has developed a series of sports glasses. adidas eyewear is not just another pair of sunglasses, but an essential part of sports equipment that supports your performance. adidas has invested in next-generation technology and lens innovation to perfect their products in the following areas: lens, fit, hold and arms: Vision Advantage ™ PC lens is ultra-light, and offers a wide field of vision and protection. The lens is easily replaceable and Clima Cool ™ feature ensures that the air does not penetrate into the inside of the lenses to interfere with vision. TRI.FIT ™ Temple height adjustment adapts to 8 ° ensuring an optimal fit for each user. You can choose between 3 different heights by adjusting the flexible side temples. Also the nose piece is adjustable.

Traction Grip rubber coating on the inside of the arms keep glasses in place with stable pressure-free fit.

Reviewer: 38-year-old woman, mother of 3, with a Masters Degree in Sports Science and who trains and races a competitive 10km as well as being Time-to-Run Suomi`s Editor

Test: The adizero tempo glasses are super comfortable and their presence is barely noticeable. They sit on your head without squeezing, and yet, thanks to the Traction Grip, they stay in place even at faster running speeds. The nose piece is adjustable, made of soft non-slip material, meaning the glasses do not slip from your nose, even if sweaty. The top of the frame is also made of Traction Grip material. The frame leans lightly against the forehead / eyebrow level preventing sweat from dripping into the eyes. This was really the only concern when running with glasses. Until now I have been a cap supporter, as it protects from the sun at the same time as it keeps the eye-stinging sweat off your eyes. With adizero tiempo, I do not need to worry about this. Well, you can always wear sunglasses under your cap or use a sweat band. Due to the ventilation system the lenses do not fog while you are running. Once you stop they may, but just turn your head to the breeze (if there is) and they will instantly clear up.

LST Active lenses are red-tinted and in my opinion very pleasant to the eye. Visibility is excellent: clear,
contrasting and harmonious, and certainly not too dark even though they are dark tinted, surprisingly light to the eye actually.

The lenses offer good protection from the sunlight, even to a person with light-sensitive eyes like me. The lens is designed for bright sunny conditions but they are not at all too dark for cloudy conditions or darkening evenings. The lens is curved, so it provides a perfect, unobstructed view to the sides and it protects your eyes from the sunlight from all directions. The lenses protect against UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

With the glasses you will get a hard cover case and a soft fabric pouch. The pouch can be used to clean the lenses.

Pros: ultra-light, perfect fit, pleasant lens, stylish
Cons: can’t think of any!

Summary: adidas eyewear products are developed in close cooperation with top athletes to meet the requirements of various sports.

adizero tempo are considered one of the best lightweight sunglasses on the market. Their unique design and fit ensures that the glasses stay firmly in place even at a faster pace. The curved lenses provide full protection from the wind and the ventilation system prevents the lenses from “steaming up”.

Review by Piia DoyleTime-to-Run Suomi Editor

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