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Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 17-04-2012

Hi there,

I'm really enjoying your site, and I decided to give the 10k training program a go. I ran my first 10k about 3 months ago, in 54:45. After this, I felt like I should be able to run it a lot faster, so I started training a bit. My goal was to run it sub 50. 2 weeks ago I managed 10k (no race) in 49:20. Although my training seems to have given some results, it is not really structured or anything. I hope that with your program I will be able to run sub 45 in the future.

I'm 22 years old, my rest HR is 54 bpm and my max HR 197 (I measured these before i started training, so they might have changed). I have played fieldhockey for 5 years, and i'm fast on the short distance, but I'm having trouble maintaining a faster pace for a longer amount of time.

I started yesterday with a 60 min easy run and today I did a 30 min easy. Tomorrow it is time for the first real challenge, the 4x2k. If I feel good, I can handle the 4.25 pace, and if I don't feel good I'll drop the pace 10-15s. Do you think this is good or should I start with a lower pace anyway?

I also have a question about the rest phase. Do I have to walk or jog during this time? I didn't see it anywhere, but maybe I missed it.

Thanks a lot for the nice site Smile

Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 17-04-2012

And here's some data from garmin. I ran a 5k 2 weeks ago (the first k was a warm-up):

1k: 5.27 AHR: 144
2k: 4.41 AHR: 168
3k: 4.27 AHR: 180
4k: 4:23 AHR: 184
5k: 4:34 AHR: 186
Total Time: 23:32 AHR: 171

Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 17-04-2012

And this thread was supposed to be in the 10k feedback zone. My apoligies.

Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 18-04-2012

Hi Stef4n and welcome to the forums

move the 4 x 2k session to the Thursday to get the rhythm of the weekly cycles right

start the pace at 4.30 .. rather easier than too difficult to start with, come the 1k session you will start benefiting already

1k pace 4.20 per k

for now use the rest period to recover, so sip some water during the recovery and prepare to start the next 2k or 1k

what distance are you up to for a long run? time or in km

and are you used to running each day because for now I would recommend a rest in-between the quality sessions until you get stronger

less is better for now

your thoughts

ps.. moved thread to here and it was not a problem Wink

Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 18-04-2012

Thank you for the fast response :great:
I will get the right rhythm in my next cycle, or maybe I will take an extra rest day next week. This week it's more convenient for me to do my longest run on friday and the 6x1k on monday.

My longer distance runs are between 10-15k, so 1-1.5h of running. I also think it's a good idea to have a little more rest in-between the quality sessions. I will skip a few of the easy days for the time being.

Anyway, I did the 4x2k today, but I decided to lower the pace a bit. I went for a pace between 4.40-4.45 (I had a strong headwind the first 2k, so it was hard to keep even this pace).

So, here are the results of my first 3 training days:

Day 1.1
Distance | Time | Pace | Avg HR
11.01 | 1:03 | 5:43 | 158

Day 1.2
Distance | Time | Pace | Avg HR
6.00 | 36:00 | 6:00 | 141

4x2k R:120
Number | Time | Pace | Avg HR | Max HR
1 | 9:25 | 4:43 | 176 | 187
2 | 9:32 | 4:46 | 178 | 187
3 | 9:26 | 4:43 | 180 | 190
4 | 9:00 | 4:30 | 182 | 192
During the rests (I took a 2 min break), my HR drops to 125-130

Oh, and by the way, my first goal is to run a new PB on june 16th (10k race).



Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 18-04-2012

will dig deeper into the pulse ranges and session a little later

you can move the long run and then get recovery BUT try to get the 1k session onto the Tuesday

then we should be back on the right cycle

hope this is OK


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 19-04-2012

Sounds good. I will do the long run tomorrow, then take a rest on saturday, and 2 easy/rest days sunday and monday. Then with the 6x1k on tuesday the cycles will be right.

I feel really good about yesterday's session, even though it's the hardest session I have done so far. It feels like an achievement already. No aches or pains at all.

Now for the long run tomorrow, what heart rate should I be aiming at? I'm guessing somewhere between 140-150? And is this the same heartrate I will be using for all my easy runs? I did some long and easy runs before I started with this program, but my heartrate in these runs was between 160-170 (but I guess this is a typical beginner mistake Smile )


Day 1.4

Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 19-04-2012

try to keep the easy runs below 140 bpm while developing, this will assist in avoiding problems once you develop the pace for the bpm will increase naturally

the 2k session is the greatest developer in the program


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 20-04-2012

Went out for the longest run today. Succeeded in keeping it under 140 bpm Smile

It does require a pace of almost 8min/k Big Grin But I guess that doen't matter, the point is that I had 140bpm for 1,5h.

Tomorrow will be rest, then maybe some easy runs sunday and monday and then on with the 6x1k on tuesday.


Day 1.5
Distance | Time | Pace | Avg HR
11.62 | 1h30min | 7:46 | 139

Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 20-04-2012

you could take one day off somewhere Wink

enjoy the weekend