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Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 19-11-2012

Hi Stefan, nice going, some nice quick splits overall your 10 fastest 1k splits makes for a nice 10k result Smile

William was at the same race - see A new goal

what are your immediate plans for this week?


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 19-11-2012

Yeah, I noticed William was at the same race, nice to see he ran a good race too Wink Maybe someday I can run that fast as well :laugh:

I'm really looking forward to a 10k race to see what I can do. I had one planned on februari 9th, however there's a night-trail on that day as well really close to where I live (you could say in my backyard), so I'm rather doing that one.

I do have that 10k on april 14th, and I would like to focus on that one.

As for this week: I woke up this morning feeling great. I'll do some recovery runs today, tomorrow and wednesday and then for thursday the 2k session. Normally I feel really tired the day after a race, but today I feel like I could run even faster than yesterday. :whistle:


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 20-11-2012

Did some easy runs yesterday and today, but they might have been a little too long for decent recovery. Taking a day off tomorrow to make sure I have all the energy I need thursday. Cool

What would be the pace for the 5x2k session? Last time I ran my 4x2k in 4.23 min/k average.


Recovery run #1
Easy 40 min
Time: 40:01
Distance: 5.88
Av. Pace: 6.48
AHR: 140 BPM

Recovery run #2
Easy 60 min
Time: 1:00:01
Distance: 8.54
Av. Pace: 7.02
AHR: 143 BPM

Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 20-11-2012

aim for the same and only look to go 5 seconds quicker the last 2k if there is still energy there

no need to strain, you moving in the right direction


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 22-11-2012

Well, that was quite a session. A lot harder than I anticipated. I started out too quickly (hoping for a super session), so I was already exhausted after the 2nd repSad. I slowed down a bit on the last 3, but they were still really tough.
Still pretty pleased with the overall session though. Could have been more enjoyable if I started a bit slower. Lesson learned.


Cycle 5
5x2k R:90
Total distance: 11.12
Total Time: 1:00:24
AHR: 178
MaxHR: 204

Number | Pace | Avg HR | Max HR (Last time pace/AHR)
1 | 4.19 | 179 | 188 (4.15/174)
Rest: HR down to 127
2 | 4.20 | 186 | 204 (4.31/181)
R: 152
3 | 4.24 | 188 | 200 (4.27/185)
4 | 4.26 | 190 | 200 (4.19/188)
5 | 4.29 | 190 | 200

Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 22-11-2012

the 2k session can get you if you do it wrong Wink

still a nice session though and hopefully some positives gained


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 25-11-2012

Long run and easy 30 min completeBig Grin.
My easy running at 140 BPM seems to have stagnated at roughly 7 min/k.

I was thinking of aiming sub 4 min/k for the 1k session. Last time I averaged them at 4.02/k. Is that o.k.?


Cycle 5
Long run
Time: 1:41:45
Distance: 14.71
Av. Pace: 6.55 (Last time 6.54@143BPM)
AHR: 141 BPM

Easy 30 min
Time: 30:56
Distance: 5.01
Av. Pace: 6.10
AHR: 147 BPM

Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 27-11-2012

Not a good session today. I only managed 3 k's.
It just wasn't there today, and then I got a side-stitch 200m in the 4th interval. That really was too much, so I aborted the session immediately.Sad

Last cycle I was really flying, but this cycle everything seems so much harder. Should I just complete the rest of the cycle or maybe give the 1k session another try?


Cycle 5
3x1k R:60

Number | Pace | Avg HR | Max HR (Last time pace/AHR)
1 | 3.59 | 176 | 188
Rest: HR down to 133
2 | 4.00 | 182 | 192
R: 142
3 | 4.02 | 185 | 194

Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 28-11-2012

don't read too much into this, via my years of coaching experience this can often happen after having a good spell

this was one of the reasons that I didn't want to increase the pace of the 2k, so if you look back a post or two, you will now understand why I mentioned focusing on stabilising things

what we now need to learn is what exactly has caused this .. no late nights, something you ate etc etc

or if it is the body going through the process of adaptation

so please provide feedback as to when you feel 'running normal' again so we can use this data to better plan your individual needs

hope you bounce back soon


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 28-11-2012

I ran later than usual yesterday, in the evening (about 2 hrs after dinner). This might explain the stitch.
Normally I run my speed-sessions in the afternoon, but yesterday I was busy the whole day. Bit tired as well.

I'm taking today off, and tomorrow maybe 30-60 min easy.

Does the 5x2k mean I should follow the sub 40 program now? Would be nice to give the 400m session a try next week Big Grin