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Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 05-09-2012

Big Grin lol .. yes, add a minute



Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 08-09-2012

Hi again, :tonguepop:

Yesterday I did a 30 min easy run (7.54 min/k @ 140 BPM). I'm still running the easy runs at 140 BPM.

Today 3x2k complete. Was harder than I expected, but I guess I did the first one a bit too fast. Actually this was the hardest session I have ever done. :rip:
I took a 90s break in between (maybe I should have started with a 2 min rest, but I thought the effect would be better with a shorter rest).


Cycle 1 (post-injury)
Total distance: 7.73
Total Time: 50.06
AHR: 167
MaxHR: 202

Number | Pace | Avg HR | Max HR
1 | 5:02 | 171 | 189
Rest: HR down to 143
2 | 5:10 | 187 | 196
R: 158
3 | 5:09 | 194 | 201

My heartrates are really high again, especially compared to before my injury. My HR also drops a lot slower during the rests. But I guess that's just natural because my condition is a lot worse compared to then.

Would it be possible to focus a little more on endurance this cycle? I would like to do a 13/14k run at a 6 min/k pace, to get used to maintaining a somewhat higher pace longer than 10k. I'm thinking of running the 10 mile race that's coming up at that pace, since I'm not looking for a PB on that distance anyway. Not to mention that my shape at the moment would not give me a PB anyway.

Here's an overview of my races coming up (I signed up for all these before my injury):

Sept 23rd: 10 Mile race
Oct 14th: 14k trailrun
Nov 18th: 15k race
Dec 9th 15k race

My first goal is to run the 15k race on Dec 9th under 1.15 (5 min/k).


Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 10-09-2012

Stefan, you must be careful not to push your body too quickly but rather to do less and then build on the base you develop

consistency provides the results

if you run the 10 mile race as a training run then there is no problem in that but do remember you building back from an injury and you first need to build a few weeks of training before looking to push yourself

be patient and cautious and this should make running more pleasant


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 10-09-2012

Ok, thanks!
just sticking to the program then Smile today 1h45m long run.


Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 10-09-2012

remember, less is more at times Smile

so keep it simple, you will get there and in one piece


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 13-09-2012

Long run:
Time: 1:55:52
Distance: 13.74
Av. Pace: 8.26
Av. HR: 139 BPM

Cycle 1
5x1k, R:60
Total distance: 6.27
Total Time: 40.28
AHR: 158
MaxHR: 202

Number | Pace | Avg HR | Max HR
1 | 4:58 | 153 | 171
Rest: HR down to 126
2 | 4:56 | 168 | 179
R: 131
3 | 4:50 | 172 | 184
4 | 4:47 | 180 | 190
5 | 3:57 | 191 | 202

The first 4 were pretty easy, so had a lot left for the last one. Really felt good today, especially compared to the 3x2k session last week.

What's the plan from here? Maybe paced run this weekend?

Stefan Cool

Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 14-09-2012

no need for the paced run, consider maybe a 1hr run with the last 20 minutes and a slightly faster pace and then roll down to the event

ps.. please ask questions for clarity if needed

Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 14-09-2012

Great, then my schedule would look like this:

Today (friday): 30 min easy
Tomorrow: 30 min easy / rest
Sunday: 1hr easy with last 20 minutes faster
Monday: 30 min easy / rest
Tuesday: 30 min easy / rest
Wednesday: 3 x 5min @ 10k pace with 1min easy
Thursday: 30 min easy /rest
Friday: 30 min easy / rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 10 Mile race

Faster pace somewhere between 5.00-5.10 min/k?


Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 14-09-2012

the faster pace would be more towards feeling and you would do well to run at a pace where you feel relaxed but quicker

then after the run, look to see what tempo you running at

this is good for developing your feel for running at pace


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 17-09-2012

30 min easy (Friday)
7.30 min/k @ 137 BPM

40 min easy + 20 min faster (Sunday)
First 40 min: 7.20 min/k @ 139 BPM
Last 20 min: 5.48 min/k @ 169 BPM

I did what you said and kept the last 20 min relaxed. I had no idea of the pace, since I didn't look on my watch until I was home. It was a bit disappointing to see the pace though, I felt like I was closer to 5 min/k.
Had a bad night sleep, so wasn't feeling very good anyway.

My confidence for the 10 Miles next sunday is pretty low at the moment, especially after yesterday's session. Any advice on the rest of the week?