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Dealing with the heat - Flrunner - 26-05-2012

i wonder how i should adapt my training in the heat. I read on several sites to reduce speed as the temerature rises. My concern is if i reduce speed i will not be able to run fast in the fall marathon!
I moved to Florida and have to deal with heat and humidity all day long.
Right now i suffer not bad in races or speed training.

Thanks for any advises :yes:


Dealing with the heat - TheEd - 26-05-2012

Hi Flrunner

here are 2 articles we have on Time-to-Run relating to the heat

Training and Competition in Warm Conditions


Collapse in the heat

adding to this is the understanding that one wears light coloured clothes when training and racing in the heat, and that you hydrate before training and hydrate during training and racing.

Some athletes try to hydrate the day before an event if they know it will be hot.

The one big rule is not to start too fast but to start at a pace which you have trained for and to slowly increase your speed as you near the finish.

Pace judgement is most important during events

hope this helps