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Sub 35:00 10km - NtutuL - 21-01-2015

Hi TheEd,

Thanks for registering me. And of course the great website. I've been a keen reader for a while and also of the forums, and the other sub 35 thread convinced me to take the plunge and try out the programs.

I'm looking to break 35 for the 10km (and a fast 5km too).

Just some background, I've been running for 3 1/2 years, raced everything from 4km to the marathon (a painful experience) and settled on the 10km as my preferred distance, after reading the program where you say the 10km is the platform for other distance. I've built my mileage steadily, other than the jump to run the marathon in 2012. To give you an idea, in 2014 I ran 3130km with a 3 week break in June. Typical week is 60-70km with 6 runs: a long run of 16-20km on Sunday, a 13-15km run during the week, two faster runs (track 400s/800s and a tempo run/TT) and two easy runs (8-12km).

My PBs all set last year are:
5km 17:29 (this was hilly course though, ran alongside the RAC Tough One in Joburg)
10km 35:46
15km 55:41
21.1km 1:19:15

And other info, I am 170cm tall and weigh 54kg.

I felt I was close last year to breaking 35:00, ran the 35:46 in May and followed it up with 1:19:15 21.1km in September but I plateaued. I ran the HM in a long base phase, 16 weeks, and I think I got jaded. After than I was stuck. My 10kms since then are 36:25 in October, 38:19 (afternoon race on New Year's eve, 29 degrees Celsius) and 36:15 on the 3rd January this year.

I have unfortunately just come off a calf niggle which happened after the last 10km. I took all of last week off and started running again this week, 6.5km on Monday and 7km today.

How feasible is it to start the 35:00 plan say next week? And races are no problem, here in Gauteng there is two races basically every weekend in Joburg and Pretoria

Thanks again

Sub 35:00 10km - TheEd - 22-01-2015

Hi Ntutu and welcome to the forums

thanks for the incredible data

first off, best to do a 4k time-trial as soon as and we can see what pace is needed for your sessions

judging from that, I am sure we should be able to start on the

sub 35 minute 10k program

I shall allow you to respond and then take it from there


Sub 35:00 10km - NtutuL - 22-01-2015

Thanks TheEnd.

I will try and do the 4km TT this afternoon, just depends on what time I get home from work, otherwise I will do it on Saturday morning and report back the time (Friday is unfortunately not a good day for running).

I guess we can discuss races and that sort of thing once I've got a cycle or two under my belt (looking at two possible races coming up either on 1 March or 21 March).

Looking forward to starting on the program and working towards faster running Smile

Sub 35:00 10km - TheEd - 22-01-2015

great stuff

and Friday is often a Rest day on the programs, so should not be a problem Wink


Sub 35:00 10km - NtutuL - 22-01-2015

Well I felt good when I got home so I decided to do the 4km TT. Felt very rusty from no running last week. I would have taken anything around 14:00 so was surprised that I managed to put out 13:41, ~3:25/km. That was not comfortable though, gave it everything. Splits were:
That last kilometre hurt a bit and I was definitely running out of gas!

Sub 35:00 10km - TheEd - 23-01-2015

Great stuff, you can continue as normal and then we begin with Day 1 on Tuesday, an the 2k session on Thursday

over here we have some program tip to go with the schedule

from this, are you able to work out what your 2k session pace will start at?

over to you

ps.. we recommend the runner going through with this process, so that they can better learn to develop and maintain themselves, and that our input can lead to better performances where the athlete is in control and we are more a supportive mechanism
pps. onwards

Sub 35:00 10km - NtutuL - 23-01-2015

Hi TheEd,

I played around with the numbers last night. A 13:41 4km TT gives a 10km of 35:12 so 3:31/km. I thought with this being the start of the program, to round up to 3:35/km for the 2km, and that means 3:25/km for the 1km session. I wasn't sure I understood the bit about the 400m session. Is that 10s/km quicker than the 2km pace or 10s/km quicker than the 1km pace?

2km 3:35/km (7:10)
1km 3:25/km
400m I'm guessing 80-82s/400m

Sub 35:00 10km - TheEd - 23-01-2015

That is a good area to start off with for the 1st cycle

3.35 to 3.30 for the 2k

3.25 to 3.20 for the 1k

the 400m session, is best suited for a tartan track if you can, if not we need to change the session

this is 10 secs per k quicker than the 1k session pace

this in theory is a 3000m session



Sub 35:00 10km - NtutuL - 23-01-2015

Okay cool. So that's 76-78s for the 400s.

I have access to a grass track, but not tartan unfortunately. As a backup, I have a 1km measured loop that I can use for the 2km and 1km if I can't use the track. It's used a lot by elite training groups and some of them get a bit touchy when us mortals use it Smile


Sub 35:00 10km - TheEd - 23-01-2015

which elite group is this, that trains on the grass?

all the best