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Getting back into it - MortenM - 09-08-2019


Being a runner for almost 10 years, I've had my ups and downs. My PB's are from 2015, where I ran 33.20 for the 10km and 2.34 for the Marathon. Back then I trained along the lines of 80-100 miles pr week with some quality training sprinkled in, but not that much. Primarily LSD, which seemed to work for me.

But alas, after this great year, injuries has set me back several times, especially hamstring problems caused by trying to do to much hard running trying to break the 2.30 limit for the marathon. I also developed asthma, which is now properly medicated.

Because of all of this, combined with a general decline in my motivation for running and competing, I've never come to close to being in great shape ever since. I still run pretty much every day, 40-50 miles pr week, but nothing to write home about.

Getting 8-9 kilos heavier than 4 years ago, and being 42 years old, I want to try to rekindle my motivation for this great sport. I'm not aiming at getting back to my PB level necessarily, but I want to get in shape again and have fun with training and competing. Perhaps one day returning to a competitive marathon level, but that's not in the cards right now.

I just started running a week ago after 3 weeks in agony after a sprained ankle incident from my holiday, but it seems ok now. So I'm thinking of doing the 4 km time trial on the roads today (won't be stellar by any stretch) and then report back to you. I'm contemplating the sub 40 min 10km plan, but let's see what the trial tells us.

Cheers, Morten

RE: Getting back into it - MortenM - 09-08-2019

So I just finished my 4 km time trial in some fantastic weather for running. About 20 degrees and very little wind. I just figured out that it must have been close to 6-7 weeks since I last did something vaguely resembling fast running, so my expectations weren't particularly high.

So I was naturally pleased, when I saw the first km clicking in at 3.42 pace. Kept it going, and km 2 was clocked at 3.44. Then I started struggling a bit and had to really keep my focus in order not to slow significantly. Held my own, though, and passed km 3 in 3.42. The final km was agony, but I found some hidden resolve (perhaps something called experience), and finished with a pleasant 3.42 again.

I believe this means that I should be on the sub 40 10km plan. I probably have a 10 km race 3-4 weeks away, and if I can get into the program, I probably should be aiming at something like 38 min.

Cheers, Morten

RE: Getting back into it - TheEd - 12-08-2019

Hi Morten, and first off, welcome to the forums

we should start with the sub 40 minute structure and change the pace to your individual needs according to your 4k time-trial

look at the 10k program tips

to work out your pace for the sessions

would recommend day 1 of the program being Tuesday, so 2k session would be Thursday

great to have you aboard

ps.. on the road the past weekend, hence delay in reply to post

RE: Getting back into it - MortenM - 12-08-2019

Ok, so I've worked out my paces to be 3.50 for the 5x2 K session, and then 3.40 for the 6x1 K. Sounds reasonable enough given my current fitness levels. I'm thinking starting with wednesday as my day 1, because, where I live, most races are on sundays. I'll keep in touch - great to have someone to do some sparring with.


RE: Getting back into it - TheEd - 13-08-2019

Hi Morten, start Day 1 on a Tuesday .. we can change the last few days before the Sunday races, that is not a problem. The balance of the program works better as you progress through the different levels with the quality sessions on Day 3 Thursday . Day 8 Tuesday . Day 10 Thursday

great that you have your pace for the sessions, in the 2k try not to start too fast and make completing the session a priority, so even if slower in the first 2 x 2k and finish stronger



RE: Getting back into it - MortenM - 15-08-2019

Hi TheEd,

I started the program tuesday with a very nice 15 km run in 4.40 pace. Wednesday was 8 km in 4.40 easy pace. And today was the big one. I was really looking forward to the 5x2 km session, as it has been a couple of years, since I last ran similar sessions.
The first 2 km was an abomination - I really need to find a better warm-up routine instead of my standard 3 km easy with 3x70-80 m fast. So the first 2 was 3.58, 4.00. I stepped it up for the next 2 km, which were timed in 3.48, 3.46 feeling comfortable.
The next 2 km 3.46, 3.44 - still feeling comfortable and happy with my pacing. So for the next 2 km, I think the wind had picked up a little bit. I did 3.40, 3.46. Towards the end of this one I started to feel tired in my legs, and as I started the last 2 km after my 90 sec rest, my legs began to seriously grumble - feeling like jello. I managed a 3.41 for the first km, but then there was nothing left really, and I had to fight hard to the finish, the final km ticking in at 3.49.

So a rather good session, but probably need to work a bit on my pacing. Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.


RE: Getting back into it - TheEd - 19-08-2019

Hi Morten, the 2k session does take a few sessions to get into the swing of things. It is highly recommended to get training partners for this session as you develop

you will find the 1k session Tuesday far easier in comparison

how was your weekend runs?