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Program Tips – 10K Training programs

10km Program Tips

10km Program Tips

After launching the 10K programs and receiving a number of emails, we shall now add clarity to a few aspects regarding the program.

Firstly, it wasn’t considered necessary to mention the 10K am runs one can do to enhance your overall program. If you feel that you are able to slot in a 10K run in the morning, without it affecting your day then here is when and where to slot them in : This would certainly only apply to athletes running 36 min or faster.

Week 2 : Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday : an easy 10K am run
Introduce them slowly at first with you only adding the extra 10K once you begin to adapt to the quality of the speedwork.

Week 3 : Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday : an easy 10K am run

The pace of these runs should be at least a minute per K slower than 10K race pace until you have adapted to the extra stress.

OK .. Now for that all important; Where to start with your 10K pace sessions?
Not all of you will be able to make a rapid jump to the new 10K pace and it would be advisable to start at a pace where you are able to adapt with little complications. So, this is what you need to do ..

Find a 400m track and run a 4K time-trial [ 10 laps ] [eg. 14min]
or run a 5K time-trial whatever is easier to arrange (see Your starting point and future reference)
Work out the pace per kilometer for the 4K and add the 1Km time to get 5k
Our Example : 14min = 3.30 per K which is 17:30 for 5K
Double the time run [our example = 35min] add 1 minute [our example = 36min]
36min = 3:36 … round off to 3:40 … this becomes your 5x2000m pace per km
5 x 2000 at 3.40 per K with Rest 90 second
6x1000m at 3:30 per k with Rest 60 second
notice you increase the pace by 10 seconds
10 x 400m Rest 45 to 60 second 10 seconds faster per kilometer

2000m at ‘recommended pace’ per K with Rest 90 second
1000m at ‘recommended pace’ per k with Rest 60 second

A final tip .. when this program was used during extensive coaching, Day 1 was a Tuesday

For further INFO regarding the schedules see the article by TheEd – Thoughts Behind The Programs

View the 10k Training Programs:

Forums for our 10k Training Programs – Feedback and Advice

Author: Gavin Doyle


  1. Martin French says

    Is the REST a standing or moving rest period?

    • your choice, in most situations the athletes have used the opportunity to sip some water between reps and then get ready to start again. TheEd

  2. What’s a 1 minute easy fartlek on day 15

  3. I have my pace of 49min for 10k when I take timings running alone
    Is it possible for me crack 40min mark within a month…
    Please give me some workout plan to do so

    • timeadmin says

      The programs are progressive, so if you start with the sub 50 minute 10k training program, you could progress to the sub 40 minute 10k


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