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Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - Anba - 15-11-2019

Greetings Coach ,

I'm 41 years and have been running actively for 3 years now. I usually try to run between 30-50km per week. I'll try to fit in  minimum one speed or tempo workout along with one long run.

I'm using a  wrist based heart trainer with GPS.

My runs are usually early in the mornings between 5-6am, as I normally wake up by 4.30am. I'll try to take Saturday off but I'll maintain a long run on Sundays.




Resting Heart Rate:46

Max heart Rate:194

5k PB:24:20

10k PB:52:15 ...

I did a 4k TT today

1k  4'57  AVG Hrt Beat 152

2k  5'01     164

3k  5'07      166

4k  4'59       171

Avg about 5'01 pace per K..

RE: Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - Anba - 16-11-2019

Good day coach,
From the feedback in the forum, it's advised to start the program on Tues...
Days 3,5,8 are considered very important...
Same with day 12 and 15...
Day 5 and 12 will be on a Saturday
And same with the race day a Saturday
It's just that with my schedule it's a bit difficult to do a long run on Saturday plus race days here are always on Sundays...
Is it ok if I start the program on Wednesday?

RE: Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - Anba - 17-11-2019

Last 2 weeks running summary
4th Nov-10th Nov
Mon, Tuesday rest

Evening run 20 mins easy

Morning 45 mins easy
Evening 20 mins easy

20 mins fast run
Wanted to try a 3km time trial
1k...5'46 slowly raised tempo Heart Rate 129
3k ...T.T
4'56 Heart Rate 152
4'52 161
4'45 166
Evening 5k easy Run

Saturday rest
Morning 5k easy Run
Evening 13.5k long run in 85 mins

This week
Mon rest
50 mins run 8.2k
Last k, did 5x100 m strides (27") + 100m easy

11x100m + 100m jog back
Avg time 100m=25 secs
5x200m + 200m jog back
Avg time =47 secs

55 mins easy run heart beat ( 116 -147)

Fri did the time trial
Sat rest
Sunday 1 hour Run...
First 6k easy...
Last 3k... Fast to finish

RE: Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - TheEd - 19-11-2019

Hi Anba, apologies for the slow reply, the first post doesn't send an email until I reply

seems like you have slotted in well

please provide further feedback and then I shall start going more into detail

normally we do a 4k time-trial from which we can then determine pace for the various sessions

ps.. will read further

RE: Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - Anba - 20-11-2019

good day coach
no worries, understood...
regarding my
my 4k TT result.. done on 15th Nov
dist/Time/max heart/avg heart

1k 4'57 177 152

2k 5'01 176 164

3k 5'07 184 166

4k 4'59 191 171

Avg about 5'01 pace per K..

compared to 3k fast run the Fri before, it felt more laborious. I think this is most probably because the speed session on Wed 11X100m, 5x200m plus the 55 mins run on Thurs tired my legs...

RE: Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - TheEd - 20-11-2019

Hi Abna, apologies, I rushed to reply so that you saw your thread was being replied to

we can start with the sub 50 minute 10k program and change the sessions for you

please note, doing fast 100m strides will effect the legs, especially if not used to such sprints

how are your legs now?

now we into the posting on here, I can reply as soon as so it is more personalised

will await your reply


are you able to do the quality (faster running) sessions on Tuesday and Thursday or would you prefer to start on a Wednesday? This does throw the cycle out slightly but can be adapted to

RE: Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - Anba - 20-11-2019

Good day coach,
I've already started the sub 50 program on Tuesday,

Tuesday 61 mins done easy
Wednesday 30 mins done easy
Made sure both runs were easy , pulse about 120-140...
Both days my resting pulse was 46..
So far feeling good,

Planning to do next
3x2k session with 90 seconds rest tomorrow.

Based from what I read from the forums, if I take the 5 mins average from my 4k TT,
For 10 k, it's about 51 mins...average 5.1@5' 06"
Round off to about 5'10"...
So I'll try to stick about between that and 5'..
Rest about 90 secs
Will make sure first 2k controlled and relaxed.
Wish me luck coach.tq

RE: Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - TheEd - 20-11-2019

Hi there Anba, here are some tips

for the 2k session, please start at 5.15 - 5:20 per k

look to have a positive experience to start with and if after the first x 2k, then increase pace by 5 seconds

and hopefully all ends well


RE: Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - Anba - 21-11-2019

Good day coach,
sorry i just read your message only now after completing my 3X2k session.
my 3X2k +90 secs summary
rest pulse 48
warm up 2.1 km jog plus 4x light strides

interval no / time / Avg Pace / Avg Pulse / Max Pulse / lowest pulse during recovery

1. 10'13.7 153 167 142
2. 10'07.0 161 171 147
3. 10'02.0 167 181 152

Overall felt good for the whole session, all went well as planned. The first 2 intervals I was trying not to go to fast or slow, so I was consciously looking at my watch at certain distance to check on my pace. The last session was really nice because I went with my normal feel and didnt look at my watch very much like the previous session.
for the this cycle i dont have any race, main interntion is to incorporate the program into my daily routine.

Regarding the 10k sub 50 program, from what i have observed if the program starts on Tuesday..

Tuesdays ( 1 hour, 6X1k, 3X5mins fartlek)
Thursdays (2X3k, 30 mins, 30 mins)
Saturdays ( 1hr 45 mins long, 5k paced, Race day)
Fridays are rest...and others days are 30 mins only except for One Sunday after 5k paced run a 10k run...
so far looks great for me coach.
tomorrow rest, Saturday long run.

RE: Gabba Gabba Hey Ho let's - TheEd - 22-11-2019

Hi Anba, OK great, we will see how you adapt to the routine

your 2k session seems decent enough, quicker than I thought it would be. Any negative response to the session?

adapting to the program and making it your routine is the aim

everything looks good

enjoy the weekend