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Our 10k Training Program Weekly Mileage - - 07-07-2020

<p><div>Hi TheEd</div><div><br></div><div>Regarding mileage, is it correct that I'm finding week one my highest weekly mileage followed by week two, with week 3 being the lowest mileage week?</div><div><br></div><div>I note we can run a few AM 10k's. Although I'd like to do that it's not possible for me personally as I have 3 little ones under 5 with another on the way, so I always run post bedtimes. To increase mileage without being able to do double day sessions what is your advice? Perhaps longer warm ups and warm downs? Increase volume/time of easy running sessions proportionally by x% to still keep the structure true?&nbsp;</div><div><br></div><div>Many thanks as always</div><div>Neil</div><br></p>

RE: Our 10k Training Program Weekly Mileage - TheEd - 08-07-2020

Hi Niel .. we can increase the easy runs from the 30 to 40 minutes to 1hr runs instead .. and as the development takes place the time gets replaced with distance and working with heart rate everything should correlate to a relaxed run while covering distance and achieving active recovery

and .. yes ... Day 3 to Day 8 is the bulk of the training .. everything becomes athlete specific .. the programs are online so it is a general program .. because you are on the forums we can change and adapt specifically to you ... it must be noted that in my 'coaching history' we have always tried to achieve the most off the least amount of training and then only increasing workloads accordingly to achieve the next level ..

so with that said .. try to get the rewards from as little as possible and we work from there

I can tell you that I have coached athletes 1 on 1 in a squad system where they have run sub 29 minute 10k and 62 minute half marathons off the same framework .. in the squad system, no athlete was the same as the other but the framework is a good start

hope this helps


RE: Our 10k Training Program Weekly Mileage - TheEd - 08-07-2020

here is a race report from some years ago .. so you can see some data .. so 2 sub 29 .. but a number of others in the squad who ran sub 30 .. sub 31 .. 32 ..33 .. 34 .. 35 .. etc

RE: Our 10k Training Program Weekly Mileage - - 12-07-2020

Hi TheEd.

Thanks for the full response. That has certainly put a cap on my thoughts of how I can up the mileage, I just don't need to right now. I'm now at about 35mpw on average having gone from 21 average the last couple of years, so a big change for me in the past 9/10 weeks since starting the program.

Certainly makes sense to maximise and enjoy the gains from continuing what I'm doing now. You must be proud to have supported some incredible runners over your career, the Doyle camp taking over certainly must make you grin from ear to ear! Would be great to learn more about your successes and your coaching article? Smile

I stuck to the 17:30 paced run a couple of days ago, came in at 17.26. it's certainly still a big effort hitting that time, but, easier. 17.26 was actually my 2nd fastest ever 5k time. Feeling good tho, stretching rolling strengthening all keeping the legs and body pain free and strong, beleiving more and more that on race day I could go sub 35 although still a lot of work to be done for sure.