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need some advices please - lassen - 23-01-2011

im running for 4 years now, and i can say very unlucky with enjr my best times is 16 ,19 sc at 5 km and 33, 24 at 10 km and 1 houre 23 at half marathon. just finished my building up goal is 31 at 10 km this year hopefuly. im now at my 4k time trial. and i really couldnt understand time trial there is tusday wendsday thursday and friday says to run 1n easy 10 km. morning time. at second week. my question is i dont know what to do when do i have to run 400 m time trial to 4k seasons do i bhave to slot them on track afternoon or after thes four easy days im just confused. or do i just go stright to 5. 2000 km time trial? plz some advice guys im really exited for this program. im sure some one will helpe me plz my english is just poor.

need some advices please - TheEd - 24-01-2011

Hi lassen and welcome ... what we need to start with is have a 4km time-trial time that we can work from. Once you provide that time I can guide yo to work towards your 2011 goal

what I also need is to know what your weekly training looks like .. what quality sessions (speed work) etc and your long run and the when you speak of injuries, what problems you have had

this should work for starters and then after feedback you will begin to understand everything that you have asked


need some advices please - lassen - 24-01-2011

thanks very much for you advice. im glad i got a replay from you and ido appreciate the help that u have been giving to the guys here. and thank you very much again. well where can i start ed lets start with injuries hamstring. maybe because i do always train on the road as there is no track here. i havent raced since last summer. now i feel good again no pain. since i have found this great website i found this program great so i took serious and started from beginning by building up. i mean 2 weeks slow pace i meant 2 minutes pace less then my race pace then after tow weeks, started with building up program for 3 weeks including hill work out in work hill and long runs at weekends for 75 to 80 minuts as i have seen on this program explains that normally is 6 weeks cycle but it said i can do only 3 weeks, now im on time trial as its explained i didnt understand it last 3 days i went for 10 km good effort i meant one minut less then my race target 3 minut five second to run 31 m 10 km hopefully. i went about 4 10 seconds km pace i felt good i mean not hard i can say 70 persent h. before to go to start 31 minutes 10 km program i should do time trial. and i have done 3 days of 10 km. but i havent done any speed sessions yet and dont know to arrange them i dont know if i should run 10 km easy first then start time trial speed sessions or warm up then start time trial>? if u see 31 minutes 10 km training program u will see the build up period and its time trial the way they have explained it i couldnt understand it. i think thats my concern my friend and thanks very much for your advice i will be pleased with your help and thanks again. lahcen

need some advices please - TheEd - 24-01-2011

OK lassen .. the 4km time-trial is a test an assessment [évaluation (dégâts)]

so you run 4 kilometers or 5km and from the time you run we then tell you what pace to run the 2k and 1km training sessions at

so évaluation (dégâts) and then give the time here and we build from there and guide you onto the program


need some advices please - lassen - 26-01-2011

hi ed

just wanted to let you know that i have just run 5.04 an hour ago it was a bit hard. i run 18,35, at 5 km. 04 it was flat but first 2 and half was a bit against wind but when i came back was back wind. but hard pace. i think i have passed exact 5 km at 18 minutes. what do u think? for the next step?

thank you ed cheers.


need some advices please - TheEd - 26-01-2011

Hi lassen .. thanks for the feedback .. from this time-trial you will be able to use the format of the sub 35 minute 10km program

however the pace for the 2k session will start off 3.45 to 3.50 per k

so: 5 x 2k in 7.30 7.40 Rest 90 seconds = 3.45 to 3.50 per k
1k session: 6 x 1000m in 3.35 to 3.40 per k with Rest 60 seconds in-between

I would recommend you start with the quality next week and for now only do light running

please provide feedback so as to avoid any problems


need some advices please - lassen - 26-01-2011

alright thanks very much. do you think i will still be able to run 31 or 32 at 1o km

at this summer? hopefully so

need some advices please - TheEd - 27-01-2011

Hi lassen, at this point you are some way off .. in order for you to have chance of getting towards 31 minutes you need to be able to run 5km in sub 15:30

so still some way to go .. develop wisely and you should start moving towards improvement


need some advices please - lassen - 27-01-2011

i will do so, i will provide 35 sub program my first 10 km race will be maybe at the end of march then i will ,let u know how i have improved.

still one single question which is. do i have to repeat the 35 sub program unttel
my next 10 km race the end of march? with same seasons?

cheers. thanks man

need some advices please - TheEd - 27-01-2011

lassen, the program is a 3 week cycle and if you provide feedback here, I shall revamp it according to your improvement, so that everything is progressive to your needs

after 3 weeks you repeat the cycle but with changes according of pace where necessary

your current 2k and 1k pace give n above

so: 5 x 2k in 7.30 7.40 Rest 90 seconds = 3.45 to 3.50 per k
1k session: 6 x 1000m in 3.35 to 3.40 per k with Rest 60 seconds in-between

could speed up for the next cycle but that depends on the feedback