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 Welcome to the A - Z of the Marathon section 

Time-to-Run  is proud to introduce the A-Z of marathons, bringing you the marathon events from around the world. From Adelaide to Zurich we will provide you with information that will make your world of marathon running more exciting and interesting experience.. Getting to run all of these marathons is a dream, running one of these events can and will add to your life's experiences.

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 Adelaide  Almere    New York    
 Boston  Budapest  Bad Pyrmont  Ottawa    
 Chicago  Copenhagen    Paris    
 Dubai      Queen City    
 Edmonton  Echternach    Rotterdam    
 Frankfurt  Ferrari    Stockholm  Siberian  
 Geneva  Green Bay    Tromsø    
 Helsinki  Honolulu  H C Andersen  Utah    
 Iceland      Venice    
 Jungfrau      Windhoek    
 Kempele      X is there    
 London      Y    
 Melbourne  Moscow  Mazaltan  Zurich    

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