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The Greats of the Marathon – Men Rankings

The athletes ranked here will have achieved the following, scored more than 100 points in the Time-to-Run scoring system as well as achieved at least 4 out of the criteria listed at the end of the points scoring system. … [Read more...]

Jerome Drayton

With great pleasure Time-to-Run introduces the Canada's finest Marathoner Jerome Drayton, current Canadian marathon record holder Jerome Drayton one of the greats from the 70`s when marathon running at his level was a passion fueled by desire and not the lure of the big … [Read more...]

Ron Hill

The legendary Ron Hill, Britain's first runner under the magical 2Hr 10 barrier as well as winner of the Boston Marathon, European Championships and Commonwealth Games during the halcyon days of the 1970's. The most contradictory statement one could make about Ron Hill is to … [Read more...]

Derek Clayton

With great pleasure Time-to-Run nominates the great Australian marathoner Derek Clayton, who was to establish 2 new world records during his career. What can be said about a man who was not considered to be built like a runner or who did not possess a sufficiently high VO'2 … [Read more...]