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The Importance of short-term goals

Applying short-term goals in your running training cycles - Everyone knows that setting yourself a goal… [more]

The Importance of short-term goals The Importance of short-term goals

Interval Training for Performance

For decades, interval training has been used by endurance athletes to improve their performance. Interval… [more]

Interval Training for Performance Interval Training for Performance

Tips for Interval Training

I would like to share some of my own tips for interval training. Interval training is one of the best… [more]

Tips for Interval Training Tips for Interval Training

Race your Best 10km

Over the years we have developed a strategy as to 'how to run your best 10k'. The strategy is based on… [more]

Race your Best 10km Race your Best 10km

Training towards a sub 55 minute 10Km

Hi ALL, we would like to make the recommendation to all, to cutback on intense training during the COVID-19… [more]

Training towards a sub 55 minute 10Km Training towards a sub 55 minute 10Km