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Flash Quotes – Frankfurt Marathon

Wilson Kipsang

Wilson Kipsang

Wilson Kipsang, Course Record Holder and Defending Champion

“I am very happy and appreciate very much being able to return to the BMW Frankfurt Marathon. The biggest change since last year is that I’ve been able to run in higher profile races and, of course, the prize money also transformed my personal life. I’ve prepared more intensively than last year, did more running overall and more quality in the speedwork.

Returning doesn’t make feel under a lot of pressure but being the champion with this great field I have to compete very well on Sunday.

The world record is really very possible in this race. It’s a good course, the field is strong and the spectators are fantastic.”

Agnes Kiprop, Frankfurt Marathon Winner 2009

“I’m delighted to be back in Frankfurt for the third time. My aim is to improve my time [as last year]. My training has been different compared to last year. It took more out of me. I trained more. I worked on my speed but also extended my long run to 40 km sometimes. I want to go through halfway on Sunday in 71:30 or 71:40.”

Sabrina Mockenhaupt, Frankfurt Marathon Winner 2008

“I needed more preparation this year. There’s always a special place in my heart for Frankfurt, it’s not far from home for me. I’m here to run a good time, where I finish is of secondary importance on this occasion. My target is 2:25. I’d like to run around 72:30 for the first half. I’ve increased both my training volume and the intensity. This is the longest preparation I’ve ever done for a marathon and I hope that it pays off on Sunday.”

Jan Fitschen, European 10,000 m Champion 2006

“I want to eradicate what happened in Düsseldorf from my mind as quickly as possible. I want to show on Sunday that I can do better and run faster and just draw a line under what happened. It’s true that my preparation wasn’t ideal. I’d like to go out in 67:30 [for the first half]. I’d love to run the Olympic qualifying time [2:12] and I’m not really at that point yet. However, I’d like to make this another step in that direction and run well in the New Year.”

Günther Weidlinger, Austrian Record Holder

“Training went very well in the last few months but I’m not going to consider attacking [my] national record since it’s more important to get inside the Olympic qualifying time of 2:14. I’d like to go through halfway in 66:30 and then see what happens. I don’t understand why national federations make the qualifying standards harder. The IOC or the IAAF work out the qualifying standards and the national federations then make them harder without giving this matter proper consideration. It doesn’t make sense and does the sport no favours.”

André Pollmächer, Germany’s best hope for Olympic Qualification

“You could hardly imagine a more impressive finish [than here]. I still have something to settle with this course because the man with the hammer hit me at 38 km in 2008 and I couldn’t enjoy the run-in to the finish. I’ve prepared very well and in great detail. I’ve created a good environment for myself and believe I can be optimistic when I’m on the start line on Sunday. Elite sport is a risky business, you’re dancing on a knife edge. You can take risks and end up flat on your face. I don’t think much of just taking the easy option in races – I’d rather go all out here and I’m going to risk that on Sunday. Preparation for this has taken a whole year and the sessions have gone better than the last few races.”

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