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The IF onlys – comments

In any running event, as in any sport, there are always things that can go wrong in a race or things that the athlete could have or should have done. The marathon is no different however the time span involved plays right into the hands of Murphy's Law, lady Luck or Providence … [Read more...]

Results Men and Women New York City 2002

Men 2002 1. (1) Rodgers Rop, Kenya, 2 hours, 8 minutes, 7 seconds. 2. (2) Christopher Cheboiboch, Kenya, 2:08:17. 3. (3) Laban Kipkemboi, Kenya, 2:08:39. 4. (4) Mohamed Ouaadi, France, 2:08:53. 5. (5) Stefano Baldini, Italy, 2:09:12. 6. (6) Mark Carroll, Ireland, … [Read more...]

My whole marathon experience – by Hunter Dare

My whole marathon experience really started on Friday when I joined the NYC marathon contingent at the V-team in Midtown. I met some great people, talked running, travel and had a few laughs. Relaxed and had one beer. Saturday was rest and super-hydration. Bought Salt Bagels at … [Read more...]

Report 2002 – Chicago Marathon in America

On a cool Sunday morning, the world's best runners came to Chicago to test their ability against 42 kilometers, the wind that rose for the occasion and their fellow competitors. And they did not fail in their delivery, of yet again a host of spectacular performances. With … [Read more...]

2002 Live Report

Good day and welcome to the live report from the Boston Marathon. They're OFF. Even though there have been rain showers before hand the temperatures are expected to climb as high as 80 degrees. What a day to live up to after yesterday's spectacular London Marathon. … [Read more...]

Rotterdam Marathon Report 2002

A few minutes before the traditional canon fire that starts the Rotterdam Marathon, conditions are reasonably well. Sunny weather,little wind, no chance of rain, 60% humidity. The only thing that mightbe a threat to fast times is the temperature. Were organisers were hoping for … [Read more...]

London Live 2002

Good morning and welcome to the London Marathon, a race that promises to be one for the memory. The women start with the 2 pacesetters taking them through the 1st mile in 5:17. A group of runners runners made up of Paula Radcliffe, Deratu Tulu, Joyce Chepchumba and the … [Read more...]

Khannouchi takes London 2002

The London Marathon lived up to more than its expectations and put on a spectacular show for distance running. The true spirit of athletics was revealed where grit, tenacity and desire were present. These ingredients helped by the weather and a field assembled, brimming with … [Read more...]