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Warm Cold Repellent

Autumn and Winter are the worst seasons for colds. Sore throat, stuffy nose, tired muscles, general lethargy and temperature are signs that the body is struggling against not-so-welcome bugs. Warm Cold Repellent Remedy Although a balanced diet, which includes lots of fruit and vegetables, strengthens the body’s immune system and is a good preventive against the ‘common cold’, it is not always enough and the cold gets the better of you. Beat the cold as the first symptoms occur This warm and great tasting drink will bring relief to a sore throat and is an excellent first aid once...

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What is reflexology

Reflexology has been around for many centuries however it is still treated as some mystical practice. The very essence of reflexology is based upon there being zones and areas of reflex directly related to various areas of the body. The practice of reflexology utilizes the applying of pressure to the various reflex areas via your thumb, fingers and the palm of your hand. This stimulates the reduction of stress which further promotes changes physiologically to the body, often via areas specifically related to the glands, organs, parts and systems of our body. Charts are available which categorise areas of...

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Meditation – Good news for the immune system

Meditation can modify the effects of strenuous exercise. Intense training and heavy exercise have been linked with a damping down of immune system activity, leaving some athletes more vulnerable to infections. It’s thought that this may be because of a link with stress – heavy exercise stimulates the release of stress hormones (such as adrenaline) into the bloodstream. This can be useful and positive – giving you an extra edge of energy. But above a certain level, your body thinks it’s in a dangerous ‘fight or flight’ situation, such as our ancestors might have encountered while hunting down the...

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About Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine plays a role in the positive balance of the runner’s life and is worth exploring. We have included an alternative section to the site. Many forms of alternative practice, are often, considered controversial, however, they are also often considered beneficial. Knowledge is power and with more knowledge comes a better and more understanding lifestyle. Topics of interest under this section : Meditation – Good news for the immune system Introduction to the practice of asanas Yoga – What is yoga and what are the benefits We feature yoga, in the first of the areas we explore. Yoga...

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